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How to Create a Flexible Dining Room

by Debbie Correale
Flexible Dining Room for a Family

Recently, I have heard from clients requesting help to create a flexible dining room that can serve multiple purposes and be stylish. A multi-function dining room maximizes the space you have without sacrificing style. You can set up your dining room so that kids can do homework or crafts, and you can work.

5 Tips to create a multi-purpose and flexible dining room :

  1. Protect your tabletop with a custom table pad. These can be ordered to your size, and the pad protects the table from dings, spills, etc. A budget-friendly idea is to purchase a vinyl, fabric-backed tablecloth that can be used only when work or crafts are done. Either of these options can be folded and stored when not in use.
  2. Create flexible and kid-friendly seating by adding a bench. If you have fabric on your dining chairs, creating an area for kids to sit allows you to protect those chairs from wear and stains. You can place them in the dining room’s corners or use them in another area of your home.
  3. Use an indoor / outdoor or washable rug to protect your floor. Generally, these rugs are more durable, though they can be thin. Choose the correct rug pad for your floor material, which will add a softness underfoot.
  4. Use a sideboard or buffet to hold work or craft-related things. Add or use a cabinet or hutch to store work or craft-related things. Add or repurpose furniture that can have multiple purposes. They can hold the necessary dining items or work and craft things organized and out of sight.
  5. Use your vertical space, and add a shelving unit with beautiful containers to hide the non-dining items when not in use.

You can create the perfect dining room for your lifestyle! Be creative and think about pieces from other parts of your home and if they can be used to accomplish your dining room goals. If you need help redesigning your dining room, call me at 610-955-8202!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and LinkedIn. Feature image licensed from Ground Picture | Shutterstock.

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