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Create a Cozy Children’s Reading Area

by Debbie Correale
Baby Cozy in Reading Area

As an avid reader, I enjoyed reading books to my children and am fortunate to be able to read to my grandchildren. Having books available for kids is essential for nurturing their love of reading and fostering their intellectual development. To keep things organized, have a designated reading area to ensure everyone knows where to return books.

Tips to Create a Children’s Reading Area:

Add Comfort

Cozy Kids Rocker for Reading Area
Oversized Rocker with 3 of my Children

The first step to creating your reading zone is comfortable seating. At the baby stage, a rocker comes in handy. Create a cozy seating area for yourself and potentially multiple kids at one time with an oversized chair or a chair and a half. If you are looking for older kids, consider a product that kids can move themselves and configure how they like, or fuzzy bean bag chairs offer a timeless option. If the room has hardwood flooring, add a baby-friendly rug for a pop of color and softness underfoot.


A basket next to the reading chair works best when you have babies. As they turn into toddlers, having shelves or bookracks attached to the wall creates a beautiful display and keeps the books available for the interested toddler without creating a tipping situation. As children are curious, they may want to climb up furniture; for this reason, always ensure the piece you are using is secure. Most of these units come with wall anchors that allow you to attach them to the wall. If you need help securing a piece, always seek professional help.

For toddlers, use a standalone bookshelf or a dual-purpose cubbies system to capture loose toys and display books. As they enter grade school, consider a sturdy multi-purpose unit that can hold books, valued treasures, pieces of art, or sports trophies.

Have fun setting up your fun and cozy reading area! If you need help pulling a room together or envisioning a good reading and play area, contact me for a consultation at 610-955-8202. 

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Houzz. Feature image licensed from FamVeld | Shutterstock.

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