Home Staging Services

Are you a Homeowner or a Realtor looking to sell a home?

  • Did you know that a prospective buyer decides within 20 seconds if your home is for them? Twenty seconds is not very long to sell your most valuable asset.
  • Did you know that every time a prospective buyer thinks a home needs a physical change; they typically deduct $10,000 from the asking price?
  • Did you know that a prospective buyer is more attracted to a home when the furniture is properly set up? Correctly setting up rooms will take the guess work out of where the potential buyer will put their furniture.

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Our Stress-free process:

  1. We start with a one-to-one consultation to meet you and your home.
  2. Together we generate a thorough "to do" list and prioritize the items that will bring the greatest return when selling your home.
  3. Also, we will discuss paint colors and any items that may need to be purchased to complete the staging design

Redesign Right is currently serving Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania and select areas in Delaware.

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