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2023 Decorating Trends-Neutral & Warm

by Debbie Correale
Decorating Trends 2023 vintage, textures, and colors.

Let’s have some fun and go into detail on three of the seven home decorating trends you will see in 2023. If you missed 2023 Home Decorating Trends, I recommend reading that first. 

2023 Trends:

  • Neutrals return, using warm colors in the brown family.
  • Using natural materials and rustic pieces featuring wood grains and textures.
  • You will find more hand-made items using interesting textures like paper-mache and other materials.
Understand Color

I’m often asked to explain warm and cool colors. Simply put, a color can be either warm or cool, and the underlying color determines what it is. Does the color move toward the cool (blue and green) or the warm (red, yellow, orange) spectrum?

You can instantly change the feel of a room by choosing a warm neutral paint color. You can view warm neutral paint colors on Sherwin-Williams to give you an idea of the range. Choosing the right neutral for your situation can be challenging and reaching out for a color consultation ensures you make the best choice. If painting isn’t an option, and you have large pieces that are a cool gray, layer in warm-colored accessories to change the feel of the room.

Add Warm Materials and Textures

Add warmth by adding a brown leather chair which is timeless, along with pieces that display a wood grain. A reclaimed wood side table or a vintage wood truck could add a statement piece to a room. 

Tie the pieces together with a cohesive warm accent color with red, orange, or yellow tones. Or consider cream, beige, or taupe as the new accent color in pillows, accessories, throw rugs, or artwork. 

Mix in touches of cozy fabrics, natural materials like wood and rattan, and accents of woven baskets or blankets. Decorating with natural items grounds and warms the room, such as plants or pieces made of stone.


Consider the lighting in the room. All light fixtures should have the same warm color temperature. LED bulbs have come a long way, ranging from warm to daylight. To better understand color temperatures, review this information from Lamps Plus. I recommend installing dimmers on your light fixtures so you can control the amount of light in the room. The bulbs’ color can change the appearance of every item in the room and the wall color.

I have created a Pinterest Board of some examples of 2023 Decorating Trends. Next month, I plan to review the remaining trends for 2023. It is shaping up to be an exciting decorating year, and I look forward to helping you pull together your dream home! At your convenience, call me at 610-955-8202 or email me to set up your consultation!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and LinkedIn. Feature photo licensed from New Africa / Shutterstock. Unsplash photo use license.

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