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5 Pre-Holiday Decorating Tips

by Debbie Correale
Interior Decorating

I have been busy helping clients pick out paint colors for their homes. Many are trying to refresh rooms before guests arrive, and the crazy holiday season is in full swing. With that topic in mind, I want to share five tips to give you a new and updated look. As there is little time, these are things you can do now!

5 Quick decorating tips to help you before the holiday season:

  1. Get organized and declutter! If you have a problem area in your home, now is the time to tackle it. Quickly go through the problem area and separate the stuff into categories. Throw away, recycle, gift, or give. Gather any organizational items you need by searching your favorite online source. The goal is to create a sustainable system to solve the problem area!
  2. Update your paint color! You walk into a paint store and feel completely overwhelmed; I get it! When choosing a color, consider the items in a room, the artwork, the flooring, and the light (both natural and artificial light.) Select the right paint hue that will work in your space with a neutral color.
  3. Update your lighting. I can’t stress the importance of lighting and the various lights’ look and feel. An easy step is ensuring all the room’s lightbulbs have the same color and warmth. Remember, stay away from the ultra-bright cold (blue) bulbs in areas of the house where you are entertaining. Aim for a constant warm feeling in a room, and learn more about light. If your lampshades are dark or old, a quick fix is to replace all the shades. Choose the same shape and a light-colored shade to add light to the room.
  4. Replace an old area rug. If a room has an old or ill-proportioned area rug, now is an excellent time to replace it. It’s also a nice way to add a new color scheme or style to a room. Learn more about How to Buy the Right Rug.
  5. Take down or replace old window treatments. If you dislike your window treatments, replace them with a light-colored ready-made blind. Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer a cut-to-width service while you shop for these readily stocked items.

One last tip, get your oven in top cooking shape and clean it now! Call me at 610-955-8202 to schedule a consultation; I can help you pull a room together and choose a color palette that you will be happy with in your home!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, PinterestHouzz, and LinkedIn. Feature photo licensed from Shutterstock.

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