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5 Steps to Decorate a Room from Scratch

by Debbie Correale
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Do you have a room you want to repurpose, clear out, and decorate from scratch? I often get asked how to begin this project and what to consider. This article will focus on the outlined steps I recommend to my clients to help them plan and complete a new area of their home.

5 Step Outline to Decorate a Room:

  1. Begin with a blank canvas. Empty the room of everything. If you have fabric curtains, you may want to remove them as well to get a clear perspective of the room and any architectural features you may have in the room.
  2. What is the purpose of your new room? Do you need to acquire any big pieces to accomplish your goals? Create a list of what you will need. If construction is required, contact your friends or family for contractor recommendations. Use online sources to get advice from your neighbors, such as NextDoor, or if you have a community Facebook group page.
  3. Determine the focal point of the room. A focal point in a room is an item or architectural feature that immediately draws your eye to it. A focal point can be a permanent attribute in the room or a focal point you create (rug, art, furniture, accessory). Note:  The focal point and inspiration piece can be the same.
  4. Do you have an inspiration piece? For example, if you have a work of art or an heirloom rug, those elements will need to be considered in your choices. Begin with a neutral wall color and use your decorating elements to add pops of color. Check out my Paint Tip Series if you need to pick a new paint color. If you need to choose a new throw rug, check out my tips “How to Buy the Right Rug.”
  5. Take your time! This step is challenging for most people as they are eager to complete the project. Before filling up the room with things, let it “breathe” a bit and live with it for a while to ensure you are happy with the direction of your decorating choices.

Have fun with this project! It is ok to mix materials and textures! Contact me for a color and design consultation if you need help pulling a room design project together.

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on FacebookInstagramPinterestHouzz, and LinkedIn. Feature photo licensed from Shutterstock.

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