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Outdoor Decorating and Entertaining Tips

by Debbie Correale
Summer Outdoor Dining at a Decorated Table

As we head from summer to fall on the East Coast, it is that time when you try to squeeze out all the summer enjoyment you possibly can with outdoor get-togethers and cookouts. With that in mind, this article will focus on tips for your outdoor decorating and entertaining.

Update your Outdoor Pots and Containers

  • Annuals planted in pots and containers in the spring may not be doing well at this point of the summer.
  • Pull out dead plants, trim the leggy ones, and clean up the pot.
  • Fill empty spaces with natural items such as branches, twigs, and cuttings.
  • Add late blooming plants that you can find at your local garden center.
  • Consider replacing all the plants with ornamental grasses as they look lovely with pumpkins and gourds as you head into fall.
  • Replace pots with decorative items and group them, balancing color and height.

Note, if you need new pots, now is a great time to purchase end-of-summer deals!

Plan for Less Light and Cooler Evenings

As we lose daylight, ensure that you have sufficient outdoor lighting to keep your guests visible and safe. Do you have an outdoor storage container to hold extra pillows, lights, and throws? The temperatures cool as the sun goes down, and it is good to have cozy throws available. 

Reminder: If you have an outdoor gas firepit, check that you have a full propane tank! 

Keep Unwanted Pests Away

If you plan to serve food outside, keep it covered with food tents. Keep the air moving over the food area using a small fan, as the breeze will deter flies. If you have a large area that you would like to keep free of mosquitoes, try a propane-powered mosquito trap. Check this link to review these devices or use mosquito repellents.

Decorate your Outdoor Dining Table

Often, when people dine outdoors, everything becomes disposable. It doesn’t have to be that way! Use your lovely table runners, napkins, and placemats! Set the table with candles or lanterns, add a vase or multiple mini vases of summer flowers, and create a cozy ambiance.

Enjoy your end-of-summer activities! It is a perfect time to start planning any fall projects you wish to complete. If you need help pulling together a color palette or redesigning a space, call me at 610-955-8202 or email me

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on FacebookInstagramPinterestHouzz, and LinkedIn. Feature photo licensed from Shutterstock.

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