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How to Pick a Paint Color

by Debbie Correale
How to Choose Paint

You have decided to paint a room or several rooms in your house to give it a fresh look. Many of my clients get overwhelmed at this point, and I understand the frustration. Last week, I reviewed Understanding Paint Colors, Undertones, and Sheens, and I recommend reading that first. In this article, I will offer tips on how you can begin to choose the perfect paint color for your home. Note: Before focusing on one paint color, select a high-quality paint manufacturer. If you have no idea, research and check for recommendations from friends or family to find out their experience.

Follow these 4 tips to help you choose a paint color:

  1. Begin with an idea as opposed to picking a color. Depending on the room you are painting, take stock of the decorating elements in that space you love; what colors do you see? This step helps you understand whether you want a warm or cool undertone.
  2. Gather inspirational ideas. If you have decided to keep it neutral and add pops of color with decorating elements, an accent wall, or a new trim color – find examples and save them to a Pinterest board to narrow down the looks you love.
  3. Narrow down the paint options to three choices. Compare those three choices in each room you plan to use the paint color.
  4. View a large paint sample on the wall vertically. View on multiple walls where you plan to use the paint and look at it in the light of day and night to ensure you love it in that space. Most retailers offer a paint sample peel-and-stick option; check out their websites or in-store where available.

Live with your three choices for a few days to ensure you pick the wall color you love that works in your home. As color has a powerful and direct physical effect on how you feel in your home, I can help guide you if you need help with your choice. Schedule your color consultation by calling 610-955-8202; let’s pick your perfect paint color! Next, we will focus on what happens after picking a paint color.

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and LinkedIn. Feature photo licensed from Shutterstock.

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