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Updating your Bedroom-Celebrity Style

by Debbie Correale

bedroomWe all love inspiration, and we are drawn to celebrities.  Celebrities have access to the best designers, and they have the funds to support any decorating dream.  With that in mind, I wanted to review five great ideas inspired by celebrities for updating and decorating your bedroom.  Since January is the month of the best white sales you will see in the year, I thought it would be a timely post!  Take these ideas and be inspired to find ways that you can incorporate them into your home if you find you love the idea!  (Click on the idea number to view the celebrity bedroom.)

Idea #1 from Sarah Jessica Parker:  Mix white walls and bedding with colorful lamps and seating.  For some neutral bedding options from Bed Bath and Beyond, click here.  Change the lamp shades of your existing lamps to include this look with a lovely blue shade, click here for ideas from Target.

Idea #2 From Cameron Diaz:  In this room, you will see gold gilded paper that covers the ceiling from de Gournay, which is stunning.  To get this look yourself, consider using paint!  Ralph Lauren has a full line of metallic paints that could mimic this look for a substantial discount.  These paints may be purchased at your local Home Depot.

Idea #3 from Hilary Swank:  This bedroom has walls covered in silk!  Silk fabric adds a rich look and a beautiful texture to the walls.  If you love this idea but not the cost of silk for your walls, consider using decorator fabric instead.  There are many affordable options available, plan to visit Philadelphia’s Fabric Row if you are located on the East Coast, click here to learn more about the shops.  Another idea, if you don’t want to cover your whole wall with fabric, is to create panels of fabric.  Here’s a great idea using 4’x8’ insulation panels and cover the panels with the material of your choice, click here to view an example of how this could look on a wall.  To install a fabric wall, click here for instructions from HGTV.

Idea #4 from Courteney Cox:  This room has a beautiful monochromatic color scheme using a foot and headboard made of zinc.  If you love the look, create an upholstered headboard with a lovely fabric.  Click here to view a video from Better Homes & Garden on how you can easily complete this look.

Idea #5 from Brian Atwood:  In this bedroom, a platform bed adds to the simplicity and modern flow of the room.  There are many looks that a platform bed can offer to a room, click here to view more examples from Houzz.  If you are interested in building a platform or floating bed, click here for ideas and instructions from Bob Vila.

redesign rightIf your bedroom is in need of a complete redesign, contact Debbie@RedesignRight.com or call 610.955.8202 to schedule an appointment. 

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .

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