Outdoor Sun and Shade Ideas

by Debbie Correale
Outdoor Entertaining Sun and Shade Ideas

If you need help creating shade for your outdoor entertaining areas, continue reading for five sun and shade options. You can create an inviting and decorative outdoor space with adequate shade from the sun. This article will provide tips on pairing style with function, turning a deck or patio entertaining area into a comfortable and cool outdoor space.

5 Outdoor Sun and Shade Options:

  1. Umbrella: I recommend choosing a light-colored umbrella that tilts to ensure the color doesn’t fade and you can control the angle. Choose a resilient outdoor fabric, such as Sunbrella or O’bravia. Choose the right umbrella stand for your needs. If you do not plan to have it in the center of a table, use a base of 75-90 lbs. If you plan to use the umbrella with a table, use a lighter stand weighing at least 50 lbs.
  2. Shade Sail:  When considering a shade sail, you will need to assess your mounting points. You need three or four, depending on your sail type. You can connect to your house, trees, or a post. The points must be sturdy enough to handle the sail and wind tension. Learn how to hang a shade sail.
  3. Awning:  There are many options available for a retractable awning. You can choose an electric, remote-controlled, or manual crank style. Remember that awnings cannot remain extended during storms or winds without potential damage. If you choose an electric one, you may need an electrician to hook up the controls.
  4. Privacy panel:  If you have a situation where the sun blasts through the side of your deck or patio, a privacy panel may offer a decorative and functional shade option. You can choose a stand-alone trellis with flower boxes at the base to create a lovely garden feature. Choose a climbing plant to attach to the trellis adding color and shade.
  5. Pergola: The pergola itself will not sufficiently block the sun; however, you can add features such as shades or a canopy. For a modern look, choose a metal louvered one that can open for airflow or close to shut out the overhead sun. If you are the DIY type, choose from several free online plans and build your own.

I hope one of these sun-shading options will solve your situation for keeping your outdoor entertaining area cool and visually appealing.

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and LinkedIn. Feature image licensed from TokarShutterstock.

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