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6 Home Staging Tips to Add Value

by Debbie Correale

As a professional home stager, I have advised many homeowners on projects that significantly impact the potential buyer’s impression. To help you save time and money, and receive a top-dollar offer, review the following list to add value to your house.

6 Home Staging Tips:

  1. If you have old or patterned window treatments, I suggest removing them entirely or using a neutral-colored panel to soften the window and not take away light or create a visual distraction.
  2. A fresh paint color that could work with many homebuyers’ styles is the best way to go. Next, focus on the rooms that people spend most of their time in, such as the kitchen, family room, living room, and bathrooms.
  3. Update and clean the flooring. If you live with ’80s linoleum, consider replacing it with luxury vinyl, tile, or wood. If you have carpet, have it professionally cleaned. Add a neutral-toned throw rug to add a fresh and clean look.
  4. Create an inviting entrance. Start outdoor and make sure from the street your landscaping is trim and neat. Add colorful planters by the door with red or yellow flowers that you can see from the road. Clean and paint your front door, assess the door hardware, and replace if necessary.
  5. Clean and update the look in your kitchen. Depending on how old your kitchen is will depend on the amount of work necessary to display it in the best way. Inexpensive options include a new faucet and cabinet hardware. You may also want to consider painting the cabinets and adding a tile backsplash. Remove all clutter from the refrigerator, countertops, and tops of cabinets.
  6. Bathrooms must sparkle, appear bright, and be clutter-free. Adding a fresh coat of paint is easy and inexpensive. Next, add a set of neutral-toned towels, shower curtain (if applicable), and throw rug.

A professional home stager will give you a punch list of projects to maximize your return on investment and get you a top-dollar offer! Call me at 610-955-8202 or email me if you have questions and want to set up a consultation!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Feature photo licensed from Shutterstock.

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