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How to Decorate a Narrow Room

by Debbie Correale
Sun room-After Redesign

One decorating challenge that I frequently encounter from my clients is how to handle a long rectangular shaped room. To help those of you out with this decorating dilemma, I want to offer a few tips on how to break up a long narrow room into zones or functions. Let’s review an example.

Before Photos

Sun room redesign-Before

Sun room-Before Redesign

After Photos

Sun room-After Redesign

Sun room-After Redesign

Sun room-After Redesign

This lovely sun room was broken into two functions with three zones.

  • TV and Video Game area.
  • Bench sitting area by the window for extra seating, can be moved when needed, creates a cozy visual.
  • Table for crafts, game-play, and homework.

You can do the same thing in your space to create balance, make it inviting, useful, and beautiful!

  1. Decide on the functions that you want in the room and move the large pieces into those zones.
  2. Assess what items throughout your home could be used to create the proper balance, or what decorating elements are missing. For example, if you don’t have a coffee table, improvise! In the sun room transformation above, two ottomans (with storage to place items when not in use) are used with trays to create a finished look.
  3. Add the details. Be sure that there are enough tables, end tables, to place a drink or a book. Add pops of color with your decorative pillows and throws. Add enough lights so that when it’s dark outside the room has the proper number of lamps to create an inviting space. Remember, relying solely on in-ceiling lighting creates a harsh light when you are watching TV or entertaining.

If you need help pulling a room together, give me a call 610-955-8202 or email for your room transformation!

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