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Do you have a couch or chair that is showing its age? Perhaps it is a piece you inherited or have fond memories of, and you wonder if you should try reupholstering it. This article will offer a few considerations to help you with this decision.

Reupholster Considerations:

  • Check to see how the furniture is made—better quality furniture constructed with hardwood, frame attached by joints using dowels and glue or screws. Staples and particular boards will hold together less expensive pieces.
  • What condition are the cushions? If you are dealing with a down-filled piece, the cost to replace it may be too much to consider.
  • What does the piece mean to you? If it has sentimental value, the cost involved with reupholstering it may be worth it to you. Click here to read how Love of Family and Home refreshed their couch with Quilt Batting and Fiberfill.

If you decide to reupholster, here are the cost factors:

  • Size of the piece,
  • Cost of the fabric, padding, cushions, etc.,
  • The time required to fix and reupholster the piece,
  • Delivery and pick up charges.

Understanding Fabric

Learn about the different types of fabric you can select from and choose according to your needs. I recently discovered and love a soft, beautiful, and sustainable fabric: Revolution Fabric. For discounted fabric options, visit the Fabric Outlet in Newark, Delaware, or Fabric Row in Philadelphia, or check online retailers such as

To help you determine the cost of fabric, view a yardage estimator based on the type of furniture to be upholstered.

Choosing a Professional

First, check with your friends and family to see if they have someone in your area that they like. Some options in Chester County, PA, are Calico Corners in Wayne or Glen Mills and Gfell Upholstery in Downingtown. 

DIY Jobs

Unless you are comfortable taking on a big job, I would not recommend taking apart a cherished piece of furniture; however, anyone can replace the fabric on a seat cushion. If you are unhappy with the color of the wood, there are ways to alter that, as you see in this before and after dining chair; what a difference!

If you want to reupholster a piece on your own, research the step-by-step process to understand better what is involved.

If you love a piece and need help with making it work with your decorating aesthetic, call me at 610-955-8202 for a consultation. I can help you re-imagine your home to achieve what you want!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on FacebookLinkedInPinterestHouzz, and Instagram. Feature photo from Unsplash.

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