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    January is the month of sales for linens and towels, and it is a perfect time to update the look in your bedroom or bathroom. Sure, it would be fantastic to replace everything and start with a fresh coat of paint; however, you may not have the resources to take on that project at this time. The following tips offer a quick and easy bedroom or bathroom refresh that can bring joy to you this weekend!

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  • 3 Tips for a Room Makeover

    by Debbie Correale

    The process of making over any room is to start with inspiration. Choose something that you love and begin pulling the décor elements together. Let me share a personal example!

  • 3 Steps to Decorate a Bedroom

    by Debbie Correale

    Recently, I had a question about how to decorate a bedroom. When approaching this type of question, many personal influences need to be considered. For example, likes and dislikes, what…

  • 3 Steps to a New Bedroom Look

    by Debbie Correale

    Last week my decorating article discussed taking advantage of the January Whites Sales to update your bedroom’s linens. This week I would like to focus on three ways that you…