Decorate a Bedroom

3 Steps to Decorate a Bedroom

Recently, I had a question about how to decorate a bedroom. When approaching this type of question, many personal influences need to be considered. For example, likes and dislikes, what you are trying to accomplish, and your budget. Today, I want to offer a 3-step guideline for approaching this project and a few tips.

1. Find an Inspiration

When I say inspiration, I am referring to one thing in your room that you love or have recently purchased and want to incorporate into a newly decorated bedroom. Pick out a few colors that either complement, blend, or contrast. Keep it simple.

2. Choose a Duvet

Using a duvet cover is a fantastic way to mix up your room style seasonally. As a high-quality duvet (and insert) can be expensive, by investing in a white or neutral color, it offers you flexibility for the future when you want to change the color palette in your bedroom.  I love the crisp look of a white duvet that enables you much flexibility when adding your decorative layers.  

3. Think in 3s

If you add a contrast or complementary color, have at least three touches of that color. Or if you choose to use a metal in your room décor think of lamps and accessories that match the metal of your choice.

To walk you through the process here is an example, we start with a piece of art as our inspiration. Our colors are white, pale pink, and gold.

Decorate a bedroom Steps

Add pale pink sheets and sleeping pillows.

Add a white duvet with matching square shams.

Now, the fun part, we layer complementary decorative pink pillows.

Top with a sparkly touch of gold and voilà a lovely decorated bedroom! In this room, the client also has gold accents throughout the room in lamps and vases to complete the look.

Decorated beddroom

If you need help pulling a room together to give it a fresh look, give me a call 610-955-0802 or email, no project is too big or too small!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Connect on Facebook Redesignright, Instagram Redesignright, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn.

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