How to Repurpose a Dollhouse

by Debbie Correale
Dollhouse Project

My daughter and I completed a fun project while staying safely at home that I wanted to share with you. We transformed a dollhouse into a wine-storage unit. Are you intrigued?

This dollhouse has quite a history; it was made in 1900 from a bureau. It has front glass panels and a staircase that we removed for this project. It was on display in Worcester, MA, for many exhibits displaying furniture and dolls for years. In 1948, my mother acquired the dollhouse, and four siblings and I played with it growing up. In 1990, because I had four children, I inherited it from my mom, and my children played with it.

With all the kids grown, I still have this large dollhouse and decided to repurpose it for a wine rack! I went online and found a fabulous way to safely stack the bottles and maintain the original quality of the dollhouse. By using the Stakrax modular system, purchased on Amazon, we were able to complete this transformation in 30-minutes! If you are wondering, we placed it under the steps in the basement, effectively using a spot that could be used for little else.

Check out my project:

I’m thrilled with the result, and you know how much I love to be organized! Walk around your home and look at your things and how you use your space with a fresh perspective and think about what you could repurpose to help add organization, beauty, or joy to your home!

What projects are you thinking about completing? Please share and stay healthy!

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