Container Gardening for Beginners

Let me begin this article by saying I am not a gardener. I do love the taste and freshness of herbs when I cook, and I was interested in starting an herb garden using containers. If you have ever expressed the desire to venture out and give this project a try, now is the perfect time to start.

Let’s get started:

Choose the right pot and herbs for your location and consider how much sun your herbs or vegetables will get based on where you are placing them. I found a fabulous source of information from How to Culinary Herb Garden, click here to read.

Understand what type of herb to plant, how much sun they require, and what kind of soil they need from these tips from Gardener’s Supply Company.

As these herbs will be used in the food we eat, I want to keep as organic and toxic free as possible. To understand fertilizer and natural pest control options, click here to learn about general herb care from the Planet Natural Research Center.

Mix annuals with herbs in a container.

Regardless of the amount of space you have, you can have herb gardens, in containers on a apartment balcony.

I saw this self-watering raised container that I liked because it was on wheels and I didn’t have to bend over to maintain the plants from Gardener’s Supply Company.

If you want to learn more about container gardening, consider taking a class or research the specific plants you wish to grow using the resources listed below.

Classes and other resources:

Let me know how the herb container gardening goes for you; I would love to hear about your experience. For all your interior decorating and home staging needs, give me a call 610-955-8202 or email with questions or to set up a consultation.

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