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How to Decorate a Coffee Table

by Debbie Correale

Young LR (3)-resizedIn this week’s decorating article, I wanted to focus on the coffee table or any small table and review the elements of design. Clear off your surface and take a look at your room, what colors did you want to accentuate? Now, walk around your home and start gathering items together don’t get too fussy about this process, think of your home as Home Goods and you’re perusing the aisles and pick up things you like. Now, have some fun and put things together into a vignette. You don’t want too many items, think in counts of three for the best balance. Depending on the size of your surface will help you decide how many accessories you can combine. You will want to vary height, textures, and metals.

Click here to view my “Coffee Tables Redesigned Right” project on Houzz for some inspiration displaying redesigned coffee tables.

To assist you, I have put together a video explaining the steps in a coffee table redesign, enjoy!

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