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Fun Halloween Ideas

by Debbie Correale

Since Halloween is this Friday, I wanted to dedicate a fun post about the many entertaining things you can do for this holiday.  How many of you get together as a family and carve pumpkins before Halloween?  We have never done it expertly, mostly for fun so I wanted to do some research and see what the craft maven has to say and here are some informative links to Martha Stewart:

If you are looking for some inspiration that does not involve carving tools, consider these no-carve pumpkin options, view by clicking here.

If you are planning on throwing a party (for adults), you may want to surprise them with a beautiful cocktail, check out these amazing ideas from HGTV.

Food Ideas

If you plan to throw a party for any age group, I found some unusual and tasty looking appetizers that you can make.  Let me know if you have a favorite recipe of your own that you would like to share.

Redesign RightOliver and I are all ready for the Tricks and Treats!  Hopefully more treats!  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween from Debbie and Oliver!

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