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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Tips

As we step into December, it’s time to decorate the outside of our homes for the upcoming holiday. When I was young, we had a family tradition that my mother created, who was fun, and an out-of-the-box decorator. Each Christmas there was a life-sized Santa on a candy cane painted ladder crawling in the window of our second story home. On the roof, there was an elf hanging over the ledge (yes, my father would go up on the roof to hang) with spotlights. It was the highlight of our outdoor decor, and I remember people driving and walking by to take a look. I would encourage you to have fun with your outdoor holiday decorating, and do the unexpected! Do something unique that your family would enjoy and create a new tradition that everyone will remember!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips and Ideas

I love all the decorations of this festive time of year and the various ways that people decorate their homes. As an interior decorator, I’m captivated by the lights and colors! I wanted to review some fun and different ways you can decorate your Christmas tree.

What’s the best way to begin?

If you are starting out perhaps in a new apartment or home, and you want to create a new look, click here to view a fantastic how-to video from Pottery Barn. If you need some inspiration, click here to see my Pinterest Board on this topic. If you want to use ribbon on your tree, click here for a how-to video on adding variously sized ribbon. Also, be sure to pick up a lovely tree skirt to cover your tree stand. You can find them at any Home Goods store.

Pick a Theme!

Keep in mind a theme can simply be a couple of colors that you want to stick with or a favorite location theme, think the beach or the desert. One of my favorite ways to decorate a tree is to use cherished items. As a mother of four children we had plenty of crafted tree decorations, this is one of my favorite trees using hand-made ornaments by my kids:

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Do something completely different!

Hanging upside-down trees have created quite the stir this holiday season, click here to learn why. It’s a great way to have a tree in a small space! If you want an upside-down tree, without hanging it from your ceiling, you can find them at Wayfair or Home Depot.

Have fun decorating your tree and your home!

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Home Decorating for the Holidays

Holiday DecoratingWelcome to the beautiful month of December! On the east coast, this time of year always brings a variety of weather from surprisingly warm temperatures to ice and snow. Regardless, I wanted to offer you some decorating tips to help you create lovely home décor through this holiday season.

If you are planning to have a holiday tree, there are a variety of different ideas for large trees, small trees, table top trees, anything you could imagine! If you are looking to purchase multiple trees, consider visiting Produce Junction which has various locations in PA and DE where you can pick up trees for as low as $35! For tree decorating ideas, go to one of the following links to be inspired:  HGTV, Country Living, or House Beautiful.

If you are looking for instructions on how to add beautiful ribbon to your tree, click here to view a video. It’s not as complicated as I thought!

I love the idea of creating a decorating theme that can easily be transformed into a “winter” theme. Since we are dealing with winter through February, it is good to keep the sparkle and shine of this season through the winter months. The best way to do that is to use a color that will sparkle! Choose from one of the metal tones, silver, gold, or bronze. Krylon offers high gloss metallic paints for wood, metal, glass, or plastic! You can usually find it at your local craft store or online. Create a winter wonderland look by integrating snowflakes, frosted glass and various lights. Use fairy lights that have timers and incorporate them anywhere to add light. To create your magical winter wonderland, combine elements from the outside using pine cones, branches, and other organic materials. Layer the sparkle of metal, with white, or a beautiful velvet or faux fur in pillows and a throw that will last you through the winter in comfort and beauty!

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your mantel, check out my Pinterest board by clicking here.

Have fun getting your home ready this holiday and winter season! Also, be mindful to keep your pets safe! Click here to view some safety tips from PetMD. If you need help getting your guest room ready, or any room in your home before guests arrive, give me a call 610.955.8202 or email to set up your consultation today!

Redesign RightMy first Interior Redesign & Home Staging class of 2017 is a high-demand split weekend course, February 17-19, 25, 26. If you or if you know of someone who loves home decorating, working with color and would like to learn more about the techniques of design for personal enhancement, to supplement your realtor career, or to start your business click here to find out more.

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5 Holiday Appetizer Table Decorating Tips

appetizer tableAre you planning a holiday get together? Appetizers and cocktails? Don’t forget to decorate your appetizer table! Here are a few tips:

  1. Start with a tablecloth. A tablecloth will help with clean up, protect your table, and offer a uniform backdrop for your appetizer display. I have seen people place craft paper, that you can purchase in a roll at any craft or office supplies store, on top of the table cloth and write the names of the appetizers or if you are serving different cheeses you can write the types of cheese. The beautiful thing about this idea is that you can be as fancy as your artistic ability wants to go!
  1. I suggest you plan out the placement of your appetizers ahead of time. If you have any hot appetizers that will need to be in a crock pot or chafing dish, you will want to protect your table from heat. Plan the position of power cords or extension cords to prevent any mishaps.
  1. Add varied heights to your display. By adding multiple heights, you can fit more on the table and make the presentation attractive. Use cake or plate stands, or any plate and bowl combination that you own. Be creative with this process and have some fun! You can place a bowl upside down and place a plate on top of that to create instant height. Depending on the base container, you can continue adding additional bowls and plates, going from a larger base to a smaller top creating an overall cone shape.
  1. Add holiday color and decorations! I suggest avoiding burning candles on the appetizer table and use battery-operated options or lanterns where the flame is concealed.
  1. If you are looking for a few appetizers and either are not interested in making them or have run out of time, I found a fabulous post detailing some yummy Trader Joe’s appetizers, click here to view. Or if you wish to see some new ideas that can be made in 25 minutes or less from Better Homes and Garden click here.

Redesign RightHappy holiday decorating, enjoy your holiday parties, planning, and season!

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Decorating Your Dining Room for the Holidays


It’s not too early to figure out your dining room holiday decorations and dinner plan. Defining what you need and what you plan to do now will help eliminate unnecessary last-minute stresses for your holiday dinner.

Come up with a Plan

I always suggest laying all of your serving utensils and settings to determine what you may need and what space you have to decorate on your dining room table. Adding a centerpiece to your holiday table offers seasonal fun, perhaps a splash of sparkle, or simply colors that you love and want to accentuate.

Centerpiece Ideas

The centerpiece may be as elaborate or simple as you prefer and anyone can create a beautiful look. I have put together a Pinterest board of centerpiece and dining room holiday decorating ideas, click here to be inspired!

Keep in mind that you will not want to block the guest in front of you; therefore, be mindful of the height of the arrangement. By doing a trial table setting run it will be clear how much space you have. Also, take into consideration the width of your centerpiece you want to be able to place the necessary serving items on your table.

It’s easy to add height to your centerpiece or arrangement by using tall wine glasses or glass vases, items you already have at home! Add fresh cranberries and candles with corresponding colored ornaments along with greenery cuttings (from your florist, grocery store, or yard) and you have a complete centerpiece! Note, if you plan to use fresh flowers be sure to purchase flowers that are not too fragrant that will compete with the yummy scent of the meal.

Tip:  If you have a very long table and don’t want to break your budget on a centerpiece, I have a fantastic tip to help you double the sparkle on your table. You have heard that adding a mirror to a room helps give the illusion of space and light? Apply the same rule to your table! Go to your local Home Depot (or home store) and purchase a pack of (generally six) 12×12 mirror tiles. Place the tiles down the center of the table where you can put candles directly on the mirror with cuttings and ornaments, and you have a sparkly, light-enhancing centerpiece!

If you need help trying to decide how to set your table, click here to get advice from Emily Post on a basic, informal, or formal table setting.

It will feel great to check the Dining Room Plan off your holiday checklist! Be sure to stock up on all of your non-perishables this week and next. You want to plan to purchase only your fresh items the week of your big dinner! Have fun and enjoy this glorious time of year!

Redesign RightFor all your redesign, color selection, or home staging needs call Debbie 610.955.8202!

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Holiday Mantel Decorating Tips

HolidayI love the beginning of December and all of the beautiful holiday decorations that you see around you. Most of all I love decorating for the holidays! In this spirit of the season, I wanted to offer some tips to help you decorate your mantel for the holiday. If you don’t have a fireplace mantel, these tips can be used on any side table, buffet, piano top or any table top you wish to decorate. You can keep your decorating simple or go all out! Embrace the things and colors that you love and incorporate them into your decorating this holiday.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Pack Things Away

You need to make room for your beautiful holiday decorations. I encourage everyone to remove everything from their mantel or table top and pack away extra items that will not be used or will clutter your holiday decorations. Keep in mind it’s best to start with a focal point of interest, so the eye settles where you want it to go. Start your holiday decorating building from the largest accessories to the smallest. Don’t be afraid to try new arrangements and move things around.

Pick Your Color Theme

Select any color design you want this holiday. I always recommend that you stick with a theme and go with a couple of colors and a complementary metal tone for sparkle or use glass accessories.

Consider Height and Size

Play with the height of the items you have to display. You will want to decide how you would like to group your items. If you are using any garland, you will want to consider how it will fit in with your items. Possible accessories are mirrors, a holiday sign with a beautiful phrase, artwork, candles, ornaments, and beautiful hurricanes. For attractive hurricane options from Pier 1, click here to view.

Always stand back and see how your display is looking and if it appears balanced to you. Notice if you have too many small items that cannot be seen. You could use your heavier, taller items on the ends to hold garland on the mantel, adding your shorter pieces toward the center.

Helpful tip:  Use 3M Command Hooks to attach items to your mantel or wall so that they can be removed when the holidays are over. Click here to view ideas and options.

icon_64x64-pinterestIf you need ideas or inspiration, click here to check out the Pinterest board that I set up for you! Happy Decorating!

Redesign RightFor all your home redesign, home staging, or color selection needs contact Debbie at 610.955.8202! To view Debbie’s 2016 Interior Redesign and Home Staging Training schedule, click here.

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7 Tips to Help You Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

Holiday TipsDuring this holiday season, I wanted to offer some great stress-free ideas for your holiday planning, entertaining and decorating.  Let’s get started:

1.  Make a list – I am a big list maker; I don’t know how anyone can function without one.  If you have an iPhone, you can create a list within the Reminder App, click here for an explanation on how this app works.  If you have an Android you can download Google Keep, which is a free app to help manage your lists, click here for information on that app.

2.  Always have a hostess gift on hand.  An easy choice is a bottle of wine or a very good sparkling cider.  For a lovely way to wrap up a bottle that you can do yourself and make a lovely display, click here.

3.  Stressed out over wrapping and bow making?  Click here  for instructions on how to make a simple bow for a gift.  If you would like different bow making ideas, click here for many ideas and instructions from Pinterest.

4.  Stressed out over ideas for the grandparents?  Here are four ideas that are easy, clever and fun to get the kids involved:

5.  Looking for ideas on how to decorate your dining table?  I put together an Idea Board on Houzz that has some beautiful ideas, not difficult that you can pull together based on what you like, and the color theme that you choose for your get together.  Click here to view that board.

6.  Ways to reduce your stress when you entertain:

    • Cook ahead whenever you can.
    • Stock up on nibbles for the pantry with cookies and crackers.  Be sure to have some gluten-free options on hand to satisfy all guests (and mark accordingly).
    • Be sure to have the basic drinks, coffee both caffeinated and non-caffeinated on hand along with mixers and non-alcoholic options.  Purchase some herbal tea for infused water, such as these great ideas from Teavana.  I have noticed many herbal infused water options at the grocery store where you can add sliced strawberries or whole raspberries to add beautiful holiday color.
    • Outsource help – when people offer to bring something, take them up on it and give them a suggestion as to what you really need.  Or rely on your local good grocery or specialty market.  Keep in mind it’s the act of getting together, sharing memories and laughter that is what is important over the holiday.

7.  Stressed out about making cookies?  Instead of making 10 different types of cookies, master one recipe that can be used multiple ways.  This is a fabulous idea from Martha Stewart, click here for her Basic Sugar Cookie Dough recipe where you can make four different types of cookies!  What a great idea!

redesign rightIf you feel yourself getting stressed, take a moment for yourself, a few deep breaths, perhaps a glass of wine and enjoy your holiday!

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5 Tips to help you Decorate for the Holiday

IMG_0004I enjoy this time of year and recognize that you are very busy trying to get your home ready for the holidays, planning and parties … the list seems daunting.  In that spirit, I wanted to offer some quick tips to help you with some unique holiday decorating ideas.

1.  Instead of one single wreath for your front door, consider using three miniature wreaths attached to a long piece of ribbon hung the length of your door.
2.  Change out your chair and sofa pillows with pretty holiday pillows for an instant festive feel.  For some great ideas, click here to view online options from Pier 1.
3.  If you have a window in your dining room with a curtain rod, consider using beautiful colored ribbon, perhaps incorporating ornaments and tie a bow to hang the wreath to the rod.  This eliminates the need to hang anything from the wall and offers a lovely and simple decoration for your dining area.
4.  Here are three fabulous make in a minute centerpiece ideas that you can create using any clear glass container, hurricane, vase, or trifle dish.

  • Create an instant centerpiece by layering various colored fruit such as limes, fresh cranberries, and cut greens (such as holly or evergreen sprigs) from your yard.
  • Create a whimsical centerpiece by layering white peppermint balls and marshmallows for a lovely red and white theme.  You may also use miniature candy canes in the layers.
  • Pick a color theme and fill the container with sparkly and theme coordinated ornaments which you can pick up very inexpensively from Target, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or Home Depot.

Once you have created your desired look, place it in a circle of real or fake greens, you could use a wreath for this, to finish the centerpiece look.

5.  I have found the most amazing lighting option that I wanted to share with you.  Have you seen the little micro lights or fairy lights?  They are LED lights that are on a thin bendable wire and generally use 3 AAA batteries and some of them even have a timer built in.  I love this idea as it adds the perfect amount of light to your holiday mantel decoration, and there is no cord to hide!  Click here to check out these lights from Lights & Décor.

redesign rightEnjoy yourself and have some fun this holiday season!  If you need help with a room and getting ready for the holidays, consider a redesign!  Call Debbie at 610.955.8202 to schedule your appointment.

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Planning to decorate for Christmas?

shutterstock_91914161Welcome to the beautiful month of December!  I love this time of year with all of the festivities, decorations, and lights.  As we approach the Christmas season and all of the decorating involved with the holiday, I wanted to devote a post on safety.  Here are seven safety tips to help you:

Safety Tips to help you this holiday season:

  1. If you plan to pick a real cut tree, be sure to pick one that looks fresh with green bristles not dried out and brown ones.  Place your tree away from any electrical outlet.  Before, setting up your tree, cut off a couple of inches off the trunk and place the tree in a sturdy stand that holds water and keep the stand filled with water so the tree does not dry out quickly.  If you are looking for a self-watering option, click here for a video on one you can set up.
  2. If you plan to use an artificial tree, be sure it is labelled “fire resistant.”
  3. Only use lights outdoors that are rated for outdoor use.
  4. When using a ladder, be sure it is on level cleared ground and have a support buddy that can assist you.
  5. Inspect all strands of lights for exposed wiring and replace any damaged lighting. To reduce electricity requirement consider using low-wattage LED lights.
  6. Plug your lights into a surge-protected power strip.  Also, use no more than three light sets on any one extension cord.
  7. Lastly, you know I have a dog that I adore and want to keep safe through the holidays, in that spirit I found some great information on the Pet MD website that reviews dangerous winter holiday plants and misconceptions, please click here to review that information, you may be surprised!

I hope you have found this information helpful, and I look forward to discussing holiday decorating in my upcoming posts.  If you need help this holiday season with a room redesign to get your house ready, please call 610.955.8202 to set up an appointment!  Have some fun and stay safe!

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Decorating for Thanksgiving


As we head toward the holidays, I would like to dedicate this post to a topic that is very dear to my heart … home decorating!  I wanted to share some tips to help you decorate quickly and inexpensively.  Anyone can be inspired, and either purchase or create a look that is pleasing, welcoming, and beautiful in your home!  For fun, I went through Houzz and created an inspirational idea book for you to peruse to see some unique ideas and what I love about them, click here to view to get inspired!

Let’s start with your front door!  Why not create a beautiful fall wreath to accentuate your entryway and create an appealing and welcoming entrance?  Click here for a video from BHG.com on how to quickly make a beautiful fall wreath.

What about a feature or center piece for your dining or side table?  For an easy to put together fall arrangement using gourds and pumpkins, click here to get instructions from Martha Stewart.  What do you think of turnips?  I know, a vegetable your grandmother used a lot, right?  This idea, also from Martha Stewart, is very clever as she creates votive holders out of turnips and what I love about this idea is a lovely purple color that you see in a ripe turnip.  Think of how that would look with a combination of small pumpkins and other natural items.  (Click here for instructions on how to make a Turnip Votive.)

Get the family involved!  Since the upcoming holiday is about giving thanks, I love the idea of getting the whole family to participate in the preparation.  I particularly like this idea from Crafts Unleashed where you create a ThankFul Tree!  Not only does this involve your family, it serves as a beautiful decoration and helps everyone to focus on the true nature of the holiday and express their personal sentiments of gratitude.  Click here to view an example and see the step-by-step instructions.

Now is a good time to get your planning done.  The key to you feeling relaxed is to be organized, which means you need to do things when you can on your own time.  I love information such as this post from Williams Sonoma where they offer you a full traditional Thanksgiving menu and tell you exactly what day to start each dish.  How clever is that idea!  It takes all the guess work out of the procedure.  Click here to read the blog post from Williams Sonoma.  If you are unsure of yourself in the kitchen, have some fun, enroll a loved one or friend and take a cooking class!  (Click here for the cooking class calendar at Sur La Table in King of Prussia Mall, PA.)

Redesign RightEnjoy this special time of year and if you need help preparing your home for the holidays, call 610.955.8202 or email Debbie@RedesignRight.com to set up an appointment!

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .