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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips and Ideas

by Debbie Correale
Christmas tree decorating

I I love all the decorations of this festive time of year and the various ways that people decorate their homes. As an interior decorator, I’m captivated by the lights and colors! Let’s have some fun and discover different ways to decorate.

What’s the best way to begin?

If you are starting out perhaps in a new apartment or home and wish to create a new look, view this fantastic how-to video from Pottery Barn. If you need inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board on this topic. If you want to use ribbon on your tree, click here for a how-to video on adding variously sized ribbons. Also, be sure to pick up a lovely tree skirt to cover your tree stand. You can find them at any Home Goods store.

Pick a Theme!

Keep in mind a theme can be a couple of colors that you want to stick with or a favorite location theme, think the beach or the desert. One of my favorite ways to decorate a tree is to use cherished items. As a mother of four children, we had plenty of crafted tree decorations; this is one of my favorite trees using hand-made ornaments by my kids:

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Do something completely different!

Choose a new color combination, or add a pop of color you have never used before in your tree trimming. There are many online tips to help you craft with kids. Choose a different lighting scheme, whatever you choose, have fun creating your uniquely-styled holiday!

Have fun decorating your tree and your home!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram.

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