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Prepare Outdoor Furniture for Spring

As we head into the spring season on the East coast, it’s time to start preparing for warmer weather and get our outdoor furniture ready and set up for summertime fun.

To clean any outdoor furniture, start with mild detergent, water, and a soft brush or cloth. If, after the initial dirt removal, further cleaning is needed, find out and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the material. Your first impulse may be to power-wash everything, don’t! As this could cause unnecessary damage.

Resources for outdoor furniture cleaning and updating:

If the cushion material in your furniture is faded or beyond cleaning it may be time to consider replacing the fabric.  You will want to select a fabric that is sun-resistant.  Click here for how-to instructions on an easy method to replace old cushion covers.  Or if you want a new look, replace the throw pillows. 

Enjoy being outside in the warmer weather!

Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. Feature photo from Pixabay.

Enjoy a Traditional Labor Day

oliver-labor-dayLabor Day is a federal holiday that honors working people.  It’s the weekend that families and friends get together and have picnics with traditional Labor Day meals!  Grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and the best corn that summer provides!  In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to do a blog saluting all of you and giving a few tips on how to throw a fabulous Labor Day picnic/party!

The Menu

For a list of notable food ideas, click on the topic and you will be taken to a slew of terrific recipes from – enjoy!


Red, white and blue is a traditional color scheme for Labor Day and one that is extremely easy to find!  Here are a few ideas:

I love seersucker, don’t you?  It reminds me of summer – light and flowing.  Here is a sweet idea from where you can make your own and because of the nature of the fabric you don’t have to worry about ironing!  Love that!  Pick out a nice red or blue stripe that matches your table covering.  Click here to view the instructions.

This idea from is so easy and lovely!  Use all of those tomatoes from your garden (or farmers market) and place white daisies and bunches of Basil or Mint for a pop of green – very nice!

For those outdoor picnic-parties, pick a lovely red check table cloth and use this idea from – a way to keep your table cloth where you want it to remain, click here for instructions.

My recommendation is to keep it simple, and enjoy your relaxing day!

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Decorating your Entryway this Summer

Whether you have your home on the market, thinking about putting your home on the market, or simply want to spruce up your entryway – I have a few easy tips for you!

Paint or Replace Your Front Door

Bang-for-your-buck, the best way to make a change is to paint your front door!  If you’re tired of the color that came with your house, give your front door a new life with a fresh color.  Determine if you have a wood or metal door as this will impact the type of paint that you use.  Check with the home or paint store that you prefer for their advice.  For expert online advice on how to paint your wood front door from diyNetwork, click here.  If you have a metal door, click here for some advice.  If your door is very old, you may wish to replace it.  If so, here is a gallery of great ideas to repurpose your old door.

Need some inspiration or can’t decide on a front door color?  Click here to preview a gallery of front doors and some amazing hues!

Note:  If you have a homeowners’ association in your neighborhood you may be limited to the colors you can select, check your by-laws first!

A Fun Summertime Wreath

Pick a wreath that expresses you and your family’s idea of a fun summer!  If you love living in flip flops all summer long, here’s a great idea made out of flip flops!

If you want an interesting “real” wreath with a beach touch, I love this idea using a variety of succulents to make the wreath (and low maintenance) with a star fish in the center (idea from

If you’re a gardener you will love this idea, and you can paint the pots any color you wish to compliment your front door color!  Click here for instructions on making this wreath.

Clean the Entryway

The least fun but the first thing that should be done – clean the entryway!  Summertime on the east coast invites spiders, bees, and a myriad of beetles.  Power wash the walkway and siding to remove dirt, webs and nests.  If your trim is peeling, prep the wood (clean, sand, scrape), prime and paint.

Place a few container gardens or pots to soften the edges and bring your front door to life!  If you need some container garden ideas, check out these from  Enjoy your summer!

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Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at Find her on, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, and .