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Update a Room, Add a Chandelier

by Debbie Correale
Fun Chandelier

Are you looking for a way to make a small bathroom glimmer, or are you trying to add a sparkle to a drab room? Try adding a modern chandelier for a warm and elegant look! Traditionally, you would think of grand chandeliers in large homes’ entryways, and now they can be added to any room!

“Chandeliers are like beautiful pieces of jewelry that pull an outfit together to make a singular, bold statement.”

Designer Kelly Wearstler

Choose a Size

It can be challenging to find the right-sized chandelier; click here for tips on choosing a size. Based on what elements and the room’s proportions will determine the best fit of a chandelier in a room. Choose a fixture that complements or stands out as a focal point in a room. Click here for a video on hanging height measurements you can follow. Keep in mind these are not firm rules; they are guidelines you can choose to follow.

Pick a Style

There are many online and retail options to choose a chandelier. Many sites, such as Wayfair, lets you filter your selection and have affordable options. In-store, Homesense has a wide variety of unique lighting fixtures. My advice, if you see something there that you like, buy it! Their inventory turns over quickly, and you can always return it if you are unhappy. Check out my Pinterest and Houzz IdeaBoards for inspiration if you haven’t decided what type of fixture you want.

DIY or Hire

The internet offers many tips on hanging a light fixture from Home Depot to YouTube Videos. If you are uncomfortable with doing this yourself, check with your friends or neighbors to find recommendations, or click here for electricians from Home Advisor.

Have fun picking out your new chandelier! I would love to see the finished project; send me a picture by email or text it to me at 610-955-8202. I would love to share it with my community! If you find yourself stuck with a room redesign, contact me for a consultation, and I can help you pull your dream style together!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Feature photo owned by Debbie Correale.

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