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Is Your Home Driving You Nuts?

by Debbie Correale
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Do you find yourself tired of the decorating style in a room and unsure how to change it? Though getting rid of everything and starting fresh is appealing, it isn’t practical and often unnecessary. Working with what you own and making a few tweaks can significantly impact the feel of a room.

What don’t you like?

What is the one thing you love in your room decorating style or home that brings a smile to your face? The things we love offer us inspiration. Perhaps it’s a rug, a beautiful pillow, a cherished vase, or a piece of art. How can we draw from that and carry that feeling into the room?

Pick a theme

Choose a color and material combination that you like. For example, pair a textured item or metal with a color you love, and use it throughout the room in pillows, throws, art elements, and vases.

Look at What you Own Differently

Can you take what you own and modify it to look completely different? For example, in my article, Desk Transformation, I took a timeworn dark wood desk, had it cut down, and painted it to fit into a new space. Another example detailed in, How to Transform Old Furniture, I took my old mahogany bedroom furniture and had a professional paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to give the room a fresh look.

Find the Perfect Rug

Nothing ties a room together quicker than the right and correctly sized rug. I have found that clients are unsure what color or size rug a room needs. Review my decorating article on How to Buy the Right Rug for more information. Wayfair offers tips, guides, per-room layout, and ideas on how to pick the correct-sized rug for a room. You can mix styles if you maintain a theme or a way to tie all the design elements together.

Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can offer you a new look and is an excellent start to any redesign. What color to choose? Pick a neutral backdrop if you are unsure and want something that will go with anything. You will want to try the color in the room, order stickable paint samples to see the color on the wall, and decide if you are happy with it with the lighting and decorating elements.

If you are still deciding and stuck, call me at 610-955-8202 or email me for a color consultation.

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