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    Depending on your holiday vacation schedule and if you have family or friends visiting you this week you may want to come up with some activities to keep everyone happy. In other words, to keep you happy! There are the usual choices to go shopping at the King of Prussia Mall on Black Friday, go to the movies (buy your tickets in advance if you wish to get in), or go bowling (which can be fun if family groups become teams and compete.) For additional ideas in the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas:

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    by Debbie Correale

    As next week is Thanksgiving, I wanted to check in with you and hear about your family’s holiday traditions. As a family of six, we never lived near relatives, and…

  • Things to Do

    by Debbie Correale

    Often the week of Thanksgiving is filled with visitors. To help you out I decided to put together a comprehensive list of things to do in the Philadelphia, PA area…

  • Planning for Thanksgiving

    by Debbie Correale

    Next week is Thanksgiving, do you have your plans all organized?  I have compiled a few tips to help you save time and eliminate the aggravation, and I’ve thrown in…

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