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10 Tips to give your Home a Fresh Look

Often as the season’s change, I find myself wanting to change something in my home. If you find yourself feeling this way my advice is first to clear stuff out. I’m not a fan of continually adding things to a home without removing things. To give your home a fresh look first, you have to declutter and focus on the elements that you love. Though this may sound like a big project, here are ten areas to tackle to get you started. Let’s get started! First, create three boxes, labeled:  Recycle, Sell, Donate. Have everyone in the house participate as a family project, and reward yourselves with a special treat when completed!

1. Broken Electronics

Find all old CD, DVD or VHS players, TVs, Cell Phones, broken electronic game consoles or toys. Best Buy will responsibly recycle your electronics, click here to view their guidelines and what they will accept. Please note they will take old tube TVs 32″ or smaller. They will take Flat Panel TVs:  LCD, Plasma, LED smaller than 50″. If you recycle your cell phone, be sure to erase or wipe it of all your information by resetting it, look up how to do this for your particular phone. Click here to view recycling tips and resources from the EPA or Recycle Nation. You don’t want these things filling up our landfills releasing bad things into the environment.

2. Old cables and wires

While you are getting rid of broken and unused electronics, also get rid of their cords or cables. If you find a box of these, and unsure what they belong to, take them to your local Staples or Best Buy location as they will recycle them.

3. Old bills and paperwork

There is no need to hang onto old electric statements from your first apartment! Check with your financial adviser if you are unsure what you should keep and what you can safely recycle. Click here to read an article with some tips on this topic. Staples offers a paper shredding and recycling service to help you safely and responsibly get rid of potentially secure information on paper. To read more about this service, click here.

4. Near empty bottles

Look in your cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, and garage wherever you keep your cleaning items and check if you have multiple bottles of the same thing, consolidate and recycle. Also get rid of old toiletries, makeup, hair products, or hotel samples. If they are new you may be able to donate to shelters in your area, click here to view a list of places to contact.

5. Unused or broken kitchen equipment

If you were given an ice cream maker or bread maker as a wedding gift and you have never used it, now is the time to liberate yourself of them! Donate to a Habitat Restore in your area or sell in your communities Facebook group.

6. Old towels, linens, and worn out bath mats

The quickest way to give your bathroom a new and fresh look is to add new towels and bath mat or rug. Give old towels and linens to animal shelters; they are always in need, click here to find one in your area.

7. Outdated clothes or clothes that don’t fit

I would recommend adding shoes and handbags to this category. If they are quality items that you haven’t used in years, consider selling to a consignment shop. There are online sites such as Rebagg where you can sell your designer bag. Get rid of those old t-shirts from high school, or old promotional shirts from past jobs and sporting events! All of these items can be dropped off at your local Goodwill location.

8. Children’s artwork

I know this is a challenging category, and I get it, you want to keep everything. After having raised four kids, all budding artists, the amount of artwork can be overwhelming. My suggestion, pick the best piece from a school year and create boxes or books for your kids that you can give to them as memory gifts. Create digital copies of the artwork and use online companies such as Snapfish to compile a customized journal of your child’s art. If you have sculptures or clay pieces, designate a display cabinet where you feature the best pieces from each of your children.

9. Wrapping paper scraps, packing material, old boxes

If you have a pile of crumpled wrapping paper or packing material from your Amazon orders, recycle it in your local paper pickup. Save what is in good shape and create a storage area for your paper and bows, so they are useful for the future. For some creative ways to store things, click here.

10. CDS or DVDs

Old computer programs, kid’s games, or old movies you will never watch should be given away or recycled. This plastic is a #7 you will need to confirm with your recycling center if it can handle this, if not click here to find a disc recycling center near you.

The next step, after you have cleared out the stuff no longer enjoyed or used, is to create a fresh flow to a room and decorate in such a way so that there is a focal point using colors and accessories that bring you Redesign Right, LLCjoy. If you need help with a home redesign or a color consultation, call Debbie 610.955.8202 or email to get your project underway before the holiday season.

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, Google+ and Instagram. Feature photo from Pixabay.

Let’s Welcome Spring with Home Projects

As we finish off the month of March here on the east coast, we have seen every weather combination this month … from frigid cold, 8” of snow to 65-degree weather – Welcome to Spring! With the start of April and enjoying the longer days of light, we naturally are drawn to the outdoors. Spring is a good time to consider some outdoor projects to get your home ready for outdoor fun or if you plan to put your home on the market to sell this year. Consider one of these outdoor projects:

  • Remove winter debris, broken branches, and leaves that have accumulated under bushes, etc.
  • Consider a lawn service to put down grub control and fertilizer, remember you have only until the Forsythia blooms to get the grub control to work properly!
  • Get your outdoor furniture ready for use and parties! Click here to review different cleaning options from Real Simple on ways to clean the various types of outdoor furniture.
  • It’s too early to put out any flowers but Pansies, and who doesn’t love a lovely pot of pansies to bring spring cheer!

As spring begins it’s that time of year when we think of renewal, new colors, lighter feeling coming out of our hibernation. Consider one of these indoor projects:

  • Complete that painting project that you have wanted to do. It’s also a good time to consider painting your kitchen cabinets if you were thinking of updating the look but unable to afford the expense of new cabinets. Click here to review instructions on how to paint your kitchen cabinets.
  • Get rid of old stuff and clutter! Too often we pile things and call it organized and only move those things from place to place to get them out of the way. It’s time! Get rid of it! You will be amazed at how liberating the process can be. Create your three piles, sell, throw away, give away and truly adhere to this project until you are done! To read some fabulous tips on how to go about this process, read this article from House Beautiful on creating breathing space in your home.
  • Lighten up! Clean the windows, have your drapes cleaned or consider replacing them if they are old and faded or simply out of style.
  • Add a fresh color scheme to your living space! If you like the color blue, add blue throw pillows, candles, trays or vases all using the same blue color and balance throughout the room. You will be amazed at how much joy this will instantly bring you!

Redesign RightIf you are in need of a spring-time redesign, call 610.955.8202 to make an appointment with Debbie! Also, registration for the May 18-22 and June 12-14, 20, 21 Interior Redesign and Home Staging Classes is happening now, if you’re interested, click here.  Note, the June class is a split weekend course and is in high demand, plan to get your registrations in soon!

5 Fabulous Home Tips

painted-cabinetI love it when I read or hear about fantastic home tips either from friends and colleagues or reading them online.  Recently, I have come across a few that I wanted to share with you and decided to devote this post to that theme – I hope you find them useful!

Paint the background of a Shelf

Looking for a quick way to completely change the look of a room that has built-in or free-standing shelves?  Consider painting the background of the shelf a different color.  Treat this as a backdrop or a way to frame and display your beautiful accessories.  Choose a bold color for a pop or a subtle hue to add a look of sophistication.

Add a touch of black to each room!

Every room should have a touch of black in it.  Black elements in a room grounds all paint color palettes.  The amount of black you add to a room is up to you.  However, make sure to introduce black into the room at least 3 times.  Black in a room could be represented by a couch, love seat and all window treatments.  Or black could be introduced into a room in a small way such as a candlestick, book and small picture frame.  Try it and see how the room comes together.  Send me your end photos, I would love to see what you have done!

Make Your Home Smart!

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a bit technology-adverse.  I enjoy the benefits but dislike the process, I chalk it up to being a designer and wanting to work with people and decorate!  That being said, I love when technology has been made easy for me such as this product called SmartThings Hub that allows you to connect home automation devices to a service that lets you control and monitor your home using your phone!  You can add switches, light dimmers and sensors easily in a minute!  To read more about this product, click here.

Hang curtains from the ceiling!

Many of the newer homes have large expansive open areas, and though you may have loved this idea when you first moved into your home, you have changed your mind and want to have the option to hide or close off a space but a reconstruction is not in the cards.  Hang a curtain from the ceiling!  Click here for the idea and photo from House Beautiful.  If you are looking for a way to hang ceiling mounts, click here for a product from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Hang a hammock!

Have you longed for the lazy Sunday summer feeling of laying in a hammock with a glass of lemonade, but you don’t have the trees in your yard to support it?  There are the free-standing types; however, you can achieve the look without a free-standing frame by installing 6×6 posts.  To do this correctly, you will want to create concrete footings and attach the hammock to the posts.  Click here for information on how to create a concrete footing and click here for instructions on ways to hang your hammock.

I hope these tips have helped to get those creative decorating juices going!  If you get a change drop me a note and send me your ideas!

Logo-JPEG-1For an interior redesign, color consultation, or home staging consultation contact Debbie@RedesignRight.com!

By Debbie Correale, owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .