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Prepare Outdoor Furniture for Spring

by Debbie Correale

As we head into the spring season on the East coast, it’s time to start preparing for warmer weather and get our outdoor furniture ready and set up for summertime fun.

To clean any outdoor furniture, start with mild detergent, water, and a soft brush or cloth. If, after the initial dirt removal, further cleaning is needed, find out and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the material. Your first impulse may be to power-wash everything, don’t! As this could cause unnecessary damage.

Resources for outdoor furniture cleaning and updating:

If the cushion material in your furniture is faded or beyond cleaning it may be time to consider replacing the fabric.  You will want to select a fabric that is sun-resistant.  Click here for how-to instructions on an easy method to replace old cushion covers.  Or if you want a new look, replace the throw pillows. 

Enjoy being outside in the warmer weather!

Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. Feature photo from Pixabay.

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