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Decorating a College Dorm or First Apartment

Packing for new houseDo you have an emerging young adult headed off to college this fall?  Or perhaps starting out in their first apartment?  Let’s have some fun and come up with decorating ideas for that small living space in your dorm room or a new apartment.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t bring more than you can reasonably store.
  2. Bring task lighting for your bed or desk, if available.
  3. Design a plan so that you know where everything will go prior to heading off.
  4. Organized doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

Checklist and Organizing Ideas

Most colleges offer the size and layout of the dorm room, and most can be found online so you can map out your storage options.  Most colleges also offer bed risers so you can use the valuable space under the bed for storage.  The Container Store offers a complete checklist for the dorm room; click here to review that list.

bedside-caddy-kohlsSince you have limited space in a dorm room, add a bedside caddy for small items that you want accessible but don’t have room for a bedside table.  (The photo featured here is from Kohls.com.)

sewmuchado-wood-crate-bookshelfI love this idea from Sewmuchado.com – a DIY wood crate bookshelf on wheels!  Such a great idea and you can easily pick up the wood crates and paint them or stain them any color you desire.  For the complete details on how to create this DIY project, click here.  (Photo and idea compliments of Abby of Sewmuchado.com.)

Decorating Ideas

If you want a one-stop shopping idea, check out the many Dorm Kits at Bed, Bath and Beyond where you can purchase all of your bedding, towel requirements, etc. in one shopping spree.  Click here to view many of those online options.

While researching for this post, I came across the best idea!  Washi Tape!  I’m sure you are all familiar with painter’s tape that easily comes off your walls without leaving any residue, well now you can get it in a pattern!  In a dorm room or rental space, you can’t hang anything permanent.  You can use this tape to decorate shelf edges – create frames on your wall, many fun ideas.  Click here to view a variety of patterns at Target.com.

I love this idea as you can decorate a portion of a wall or even create a faux headboard, try removable wallpaper.  It is a reusable fabric that can be easily removed.  Click here to view the beautiful patterns available from ChasingPaper.com.

Instead of many posters covering a wall what about hanging a beautiful tapestry?  There are many different patterns available, in researching for this article I found a fun site that offers many youthful patterns at TrippyStore.com.

Looking for a way to hang things non-permanently, click here for a list of many non-permanent hanging options from 3M Command.

Having had four kids go through this process I know it can be a time of stress, but also an exciting adventure for everyone involved!  Enjoy the process and the rest of the summer!

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Decorating for a Dorm or Apartment

Packing for new houseIt is that time of year, when parents are packing up kids and transporting them to their college dorms or first apartments – a time of much excitement!

I wanted to offer some decorating ideas that were different – obviously going to one of the big box stores is an obvious quick and inexpensive decorating option – keep on reading for some unique ideas!

Use your own artwork or Wall Decals

blog-august-eiffel-towerIf you have some favorite photos make them into affordable but personalized wall art!  Go to Snapfish.com and create full photo posters then frame for a desired look.  Another option for inexpensive wall art is a wall decal that can be easily removed without harming the wall from AllPosters.com.  Depending on your style there are many available options and price ranges in wall decals; it will be hard to choose!

Use a memory board or inspiration board to personalize your space!  Pulling in photos or quotes is a fun way to quickly achieve this look!  (Photo HGTV.com.)

If you’re looking for unique wall art, go to Etsy.com!  To search for some affordable wall art, enter ‘Wall art’ as your search item and under ‘Sort by’ select Lowest Price.  You will be amazed at the options that are available offering your college student or first time apartment dweller a distinctive look.

blog-august-dorm-shelfStorage and Multi-Purpose Space Ideas

Here’s a contemporary look for shelving that doesn’t take up much space from TheGoodLifeOnCampus.com.

HGTV.com recommends that during the day you add decorative throw pillows to change the bed into a sitting area.

While researching for this blog, I found a great website with photos and explanations on how to loft your dorm bed if the college does not provide this option, click here to read more.  Lofting your bed allows you to fit more into a small space.  Potentially you could fit a futon under a lofted bed for a comfortable sitting area.

For some fabulous ideas on how to deal with storage in small spaces, click here to read this blog from ApartmentTherapy.com.

For a free design consultation – you can get your own personal dorm/apartment design recommendations from Dormify, click here to learn more.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy moving!

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Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, and .