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End of Summer Outdoor Party Tips

Grilling at summer weekendAs we head into the last week of August, I know that everyone is getting ready for the kids to get back to school and changing from summer to fall routines. In this spirit I know I’m trying to take advantage of all of the fabulous options that summer has to offer. Are you considering throwing an outdoor end-of-summer party? If so, hop on over to my fabulous posts for some tips:  5 Tips for Dining Outdoors and 5 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Party.

Depending on if you are planning to have adults only, or a family party will depend on how you handle the seating, table settings, etc. However, you don’t have to give up style! For some beautiful inspiration, click here to view some outdoor dining ideas from House Beautiful. Though some of them may seem extravagant or too complicated, take a few ideas and incorporate them into your party! Personally, I love the color combination of crisp navy with a white setting and pops of summer flowers. I like adding large blue bottles of Saratoga Spring Sparkling Water that is a beautiful deep blue at intervals on the table. Combine that with clear crystal votives and vases, cuttings from your garden or grocery store purchased flowers and it’s very easy to create a lovely table. If blue isn’t your color, consider using green, adding large bottles of Pellegrino Sparkling Water goes with any summer combination since it is a color of nature!

I always struggle with how much food to get and always overestimate. If you are planning an outdoor barbecue, click here for a food calculator from the Food Network. Keep in mind that food should not be exposed to the direct sun so you will want to place under a canopy or simply don’t bring it out until it is service time. Keep food cool by putting ice on the bottom of a deep tray then place another tray on top of that tray, allowing the cold to chill the food and keep the melting ice water away. Be sure to cover your food with a clean cloth, plastic wrap, or food “tent” until you are ready to serve.

Enjoy this last week of August and I hope all of your end of summer get togethers are fabulous!

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Having a Summer Party?

iStock_000006975789SmallThinking about throwing a summer party?  Here are a few tips to help you out with this fun summer idea!

Create the invite list!  There are many online invitation sites, consider one of these for a unique look to your summer bash:  PunchBowl.com, PaperlessPost.com, or Evite.com.  If you have a favorite website that you like to use, send me a note, I would love to hear about it!

How much food to get?  If you are planning an outdoor barbecue, click here for a food calculator from the Food Network.  Think about the types of food you will be serving and if you plan to serve food outdoors.  For a general guide to help you plan your party, click here.  Food should not be exposed to direct sun.  To keep food cool,  place ice on the bottom of a deep tray then place another tray on top of that tray, allowing the cold to chill the food and keep the melting ice water away.  Be sure to cover your food with a clean cloth or plastic wrap until you are ready to serve.

Do you have a theme for your party?  Since we are approaching the end of the summer season, it’s a great time to pick up outdoor items for parties on sale at stores such as Target, Pier 1, and online sites as well.  If you are in need of outdoor party ideas, or recipes I encourage you to visit Pinterest for great visuals on recipes or theme ideas.

General serving tips:

  • Create napkin and plastic ware bundles that you have at the end of the serving table. This will minimize spills and messes for guests.  Use raffia, gift ribbon, or fabric ribbon as an easy option based on your theme.
  • Instead of one big bucket for drinks – create small buckets for the various types of drinks you will be serving.
  • Serve small items grouped together on trays – it will make clean up quick and easy!
  • Use a table cloth that has various colors to mask any spills that may occur.
  • Use citronella votives around the party’s perimeter to keep the bugs away.
  • Use chalkboard stickers on glass tumblers instead of markers and plastic cups to label drinks.

Yummy appetizer ideas:

Looking for a refreshing summer cocktail?  Try this recipe for a Limoncello Collins, which can be made ahead, this recipe serves 8:

  • 16 oz limoncello (lemon-flavored liqueur)
  • 12 oz gin
  • 8 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 24 paper-think lemon slices
  • Ice
  • 16 oz chilled club soda
  • 8 mint springs

Directions:  In a pitcher, combine the limoncello, gin and lemon juice.  Cover and refrigerate until chilled, at least 2 hours.  Press 3 thin lemon slices against the inside of each of 8 collins glasses.  Add ice to the glasses.  Stir the limoncello mixture and pour it into the glasses.  Stir 2 ounces of club soda into each drink and garnish with a mint sprig.

The last tip I can offer is to sign up a friend in advance to help you out so that you are not frenzied before or during the party!  Have a great party and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor July 4th Gathering

When you think of an outdoor 4th of July get together what do you think of?  Barbecues with hot dogs, ribs and hamburgers, fresh corn, refreshing drinks and sparklers?  Are you planning on having a get together with friends and family?  Here are some great tips for throwing a fun outdoor gathering:

Keep it simple and pick easy traditional foods!

If you are looking for food inspiration, check out these ideas from the Food Network.  Here is one of my favorites for Lemonade Iced Tea – yum!  Use beautifully colored by nature fruits such as watermelon, blueberries and strawberries to create the perfect table settings.  Have you seen the Stripes & Blue veggie Terra chips that you can purchase at the market?  They look fun and taste great!  If you are looking for some dessert ideas to go along with the patriotic theme, go to one of my favorites, Epicurious.com and check out the delicious options.

Create a fun table setting!

While writing this post I found a very unique table linen look that looks fabulous!  DIY Ombre Table Linen, so unique everyone will wonder where you purchased them!  Click here for the instructions which are hosted on HGTV.com, the article is by Kristin Guy/ Dine X Design – thank you Kristin for this great idea!

Other great ideas: 

  • Use red, white and blue bandannas as napkins.
  • Keep in mind you don’t have to use stars and stripes.  Using any combination of floral red and white or blue and white fabric would present a lovely July 4th setting and could be used for other events.  Go to your local fabric store such as Joann’s and look for decorator fabric or the outdoor fabric that is generally 54” wide and use it as a table cloth or runner and if you rip the edges you won’t have to hem them!  Bonus time saver!
  • I love the idea of mixing elements when setting your table.  For example, if you plan to use a bold patterned napkin set it with a solid colored plate or mix in a fun textured place mat.
  • Create colorful votive candles using dyed rice!  Fun idea for the kids, click here for those instructions.
  • Pick up some items from your local home store such as Pier 1 or go online and see the many options at OrientalTrading.com.

redesign rightIf you are in the Philadelphia area, they are having a parade starting at 11am at 6th and Chestnut Streets, click here for more information.  Whatever your plans this July 4, I hope you find time to enjoy and appreciate good friends, family and freedom.

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Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and Google+.

5 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Party

by Debbie Correale

istockphoto-outdoor party-purchased 6-23-2014Now that you have your yard and patio all set up and looking the way you like let’s talk about having some summer fun!  If you missed them here are the links to my recent Outdoor Oasis posts:  5 Steps to a Backyard Oasis and Backyard Oasis Continued – Create a Water Feature.  Here are a five tips to consider before you plan your next outdoor get together:

  1. Choose the Perfect Music Playlist.  Fun and relaxing music can make a difference at an outdoor party and should not be too loud and generally enjoyable for everyone to listen to.  The recommendation is to have a playlist of five hours of music prepared.  Or you could use a music service such as Pandora, you pick a genre and let it do all the work.  Personally, I love this idea as I never know what song is going to come up next!

  1. Games.  Make the party fun for everyone!  Will there be children at the party?  Have age-appropriate things for them to play with such as bubbles, beach balls and sidewalk chalk to give the parents a break.  Kids are not the only ones that like games!  Pull out the old fashioned classic games such as badminton, croquet, volleyball, bocce, lawn bowling, and horse shoes.  In your invitation be sure to inform the attendees to dress casually for outdoor games and fun so everyone is prepared to join in!

  1. Create a drinking area separate from the food area.  If you plan to serve alcohol at the party, have the adult drinks and ice separate from the kids drinks and ice.  Set up a beverage cart such as this beautiful one from Wayfair.com.  Or you could use a folding card table draped with a lovely tablecloth to match your party theme.  Another idea is to set up drink dispensers with water and lemon slices, ice tea, or lemonade and label them.  Here are some beautiful online options that you can check out in anticipation of your next party:  Potterybarn.com, BedBathandBeyond.com, and Target.com.

  1. Keep the bugs away!  There are some things you can do to help keep the bugs away in order to keep your guests comfortable and happy during the summer entertaining season.  Here are some tips from RealSimple.com:  Get rid of standing water as this is where mosquitoes breed.  A week before the party, empty any place around your yard that has collected water.  Plug in fans as mosquitoes won’t be able to fight the wind (also a good way to keep unwanted bugs from food.)  Have bug repellent options available, spray and wipes.  Keep in mind products that contain DEET, though effective are not safe near children’s hands and mouths, consider Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes from Avon.com.  If you have a real problem consider other repellent ideas by clicking here.

  1. Seat your guests properly.  Generally you will find people congregate together who they know best.  Mix it up and don’t put couples together, or best friends, you will find that placing different combinations of people together can create a fun and memorable party!

Logo-JPEG-1I love the warm weather and all of fun associated with summer parties!  If you need any help with your indoor or outdoor redesign projects, contact Debbie@RedesignRight.com for all your decorating dreams!

Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and Google+.

Planning a Party?

It’s that time of year when people are planning parties!  A joyous time of celebration…let’s get planning!

Personalizing a party makes the guest of honor feel special – it’s a way of saying “You are worth it!”  There are many online sites such as PartyCity.com and OrientalTrading.com that offer many party favor ideas, color schemes, etc.  If you would like to customize the party, here are some unique ideas.

Create Customized Décor or Take Home Gifts
I love this idea from BHG.com, print out photos in black and white and mod-podge to a painted 3-D letter to create a beautiful collage honoring the guest(s) of honor.  Here’s another idea that looks great, tastes delightful and looks complicated but is remarkably easy to do.  Create custom labels using Microsoft Word, your color printer and standard Avery Labels to create a potentially stunning gift or party favor using Hershey Nuggets.  Click here for instructions on how to make these labels.

Table Coverings
Generally people will use a plastic, easily disposable table clothe as table coverings.  What if you added a decorative fabric to that to make the table shimmer with elegance?  Try gossamer fabric as an accent to table, walls, or draped from the ceiling to add a magical feel.  Click here to check out these ideas from Shindigz.com.

Are you tired of the traditional cake idea?  How about custom made Cake Pops – I love this idea!  They are bite sized, and you could contact your local bakery to see what options are available.  These are Favor Pops from Beau-Coup.com, click on this link to view other ideas.

There are many online sites that allow you to incorporate photos of the honoree on the invitations such as, Shutterfly.com, SnapFish.com, VisitPrint.com, and one of my favorites, TinyPrints.com.

Outdoor Party
Are you thinking about throwing an outdoor party event?  I checked in with expert Ruth Santiago of Plan Ahead Events, and she offers these five tips to prepare for various contingencies and ensure that your guests will be comfortable and enjoy the event.

1.  Bad Weather

Monitor weather forecasts.
Provide umbrellas (this could create a fun photo moment).
Rent a good quality tent to protect from rain/sun.
Make sure your décor is “weather proof” and anchored to prepare for possible wind.
Have your vendors do a site visit with you for a contingency plan.

2.  Plan for nuisances

Have the following items on hand for your guests:  Bug spray (a good idea would be to have a pest control treatment done to the outdoor area), Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizers, Fans, Water.

3.  Restroom Facilities

If the event is at a private home, you might want to consider bringing in portable restrooms.  Today’s event restrooms are far from your typical “port-a-potty”; some have sinks and mirrors and are more spacious than bathrooms in some venues.  It is recommended to have separate units for men and women.  Overuse of home bathrooms could cause bigger issues later in the day as they are not designed to handle heavy traffic.  Having someone responsible for keeping these cleaned and fully stocked is also a good idea.

4.  Power

An outdoor event often requires a lot of power.  Check with your band or DJ, caterer, photo booth and any lighting vendors as to their requirements to help determine if you have enough amps and circuits available to avoid overloading them.  Also, a generator is a nice item to have on hand in the event of a power failure.

5.  Permits

Having authorities crash your event would not be a good thing.  Make sure you do your research and find out if your town/municipalities require you to fill out permits; especially if it is at a private home.

If you need help to do a house redesign before you throw your party, contact Debbie@RedesignRight.com for your Redesign and Home Staging needs.

Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, and .