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Flowers, a welcome sight of spring!

FlowersPlease enjoy this week’s post by guest contributor, Judy Shaw from Flowers by the Greenery in West Chester, PA who has created beautiful arrangements for me!

As we shake off an exceptionally cold winter, we look forward to the warmth and promise of Spring! Here are some floral tips to help you when purchasing flowers:

Don’t go online and pay ridiculous fees to get just a few flowers in a banged up box!  These order gatherers have completely taken the personal touch out of such a personal gesture.

Take the time to find a local florist in the town where you are sending flowers and have a conversation with them. Tell them the favorite colors or flowers, if you know them – and get to know them with time. Pay attention to the little things, and your thoughtfulness will shine through every time.

You don’t have to know anything about flowers to develop a relationship with your florist.  In fact, I have many customers whom I have never met in person, but I know their mom, their grandmother, or their wife and I know what I have sent in the past.  With the feedback from each delivery, we develop a profile of what to send for fabulous impact each delivery.

Flowers will die. That is a given and I believe a common reason people shy away from the gesture. To this day, I can picture the dozen white roses my sister sent to me 25 years ago when I was promoted to a job. They were beautiful and happy and I still smile when I think of them.

Cut your own flowers and bring them inside to welcome the season into your home or business!  For cut flowers to last as long as possible, keep the water clean and wipe off the stems when you change the water to ensure you’ve eradicated any bacteria (which is what kills the flowers). Be sure to give the blooms a re-cut when you change the water.

When you do bring the outside in, have fun with the containers you use!  An empty wine bottle, an old mason jar or an old pitcher can add to the delight of the flowers.  Let your creativity fly because Spring has Sprung!

Redesign RightThank you Judy for those fabulous tips! The forecast for eastern Pennsylvania this week is predicting temperatures in the mid-60s! I can’t wait to open my windows and let in the fresh air! Time to start my springtime decorating! Do you have any projects lined up? If you need help with color selection, redesign, or wondering where to begin in a room makeover call 610.955.8202 for an appointment with Debbie.

Decorate with Plants and Flowers

At this point in February, everyone located in the northeast is ready for the idea of spring!  Unfortunately, I think we have many more days of winter ahead of us.  What can we do to help get us through this long and snowy winter?  Though we may be blanketed in white, we can still enjoy and incorporate natural elements such as beautiful flowers and plants into our indoor décor.  Here are a few ideas and tips to help incorporate a breath of spring air into your life this February!


Bring live plants and color into your house with multiple vases of varying height and shape.  If you keep the color of the vase the same, or choose all clear glass, you can make an arrangement without spending much and it’s easy to care for and replace.  Most grocery stores sell tulips this time of year at a very reasonable price – and what expresses the feeling of spring better than a tulip!  To help with creating flower arrangements and ideas, here is some help from Martha Stewart, click here to review.

Create a live plant arrangement by grouping multiple plants together and adding some color with flowering plants.  By grouping many plants together, you get the fullness that you want and by adding some inexpensive flowering plants from your local garden center or grocery store you get some instant gratification in color!  If you plant the flowering plants on the outside of the planter, you can easily remove the flowering plant once it is past its flowering stage and replace with the next one that you prefer.

Create a terrarium!  If you would like to create your own, click here for useful step-by-step instructions from Sprout Home.  Peruse the many nice products offered at Terrain online or in their Glen Mills, Pennsylvania location or West Elm online or at their store location in King of Prussia Mall.

Go to a flower show!  Philadelphia hosts a world-renowned show, hosted by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society.  The 2014 Flower Show opens on Saturday, March 1 and will close on Sunday, March 9.  The theme this year is ARTiculture and the flowers and colors look spectacular!  Click here to read more about attending the flower show this year.  I can’t wait to attend and purchase many bouquets of roses!  The hardest part is deciding which colors!

Attend a gardening class at a local nursery!  Terrain in Glen Mills offers a class to help you prepare your flower bed for spring!  That will get you in the mood for spring, click here to learn more about that class.  Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania also provides educational courses as well; click here to view their offerings.

Visit an indoor garden!  This can help rejuvenate you, think about new color combinations and inspire you in your own home or garden!  Plus it’s always warm and beautiful in those greenhouses!  Living in the Philadelphia area we are fortunate to have Longwood Gardens in our back yard with a yearly display of beautiful conservatories filled with beauty that are awe inspiring.  Click here to plan your visit!

Logo-JPEG-1March 20th is the first day of spring this year; that’s not too far away!  Enjoy these thoughts of spring!  If you want to make a change in your home and you need help, contact Debbie@RedesignRight.com to help you with your design vision.

Debbie Correale is founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .