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Are you Downsizing or Planning to Sell?

Were you planning to put your house on the market to sell this spring? Or have you decided that it is time to downsize? Staging your home to sell is imperative as the number of virtual showings will increase, and you want your professional photos to display the best features of your home. When a home is staged to sell, it is not simply decorating.

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Is it time to Downsize?

This seems to be on many people’s minds lately. Whether you are moving across town or cross country, moving can be a very daunting process. 

But when your new space is smaller than your former home, the challenge can be especially great. However, downsizing a home does not mean you will sacrifice your style.  It can be a very exciting time and a time to reinvent yourself.

Reinventing this room.

The major key to downsizing is to realize you cannot keep everything you had before the downsize.  You need to be objective and carefully choose all that you love and want to be surrounded by.  You have to think long and hard about what furniture you REALLY need to have.  Holding onto 3 desks when it is just you living in the new location may not be a wise choice.  Think about what you really need and love. Can you trade in your king-size mattress for a queen? Do you need a large sofa and a love-seat? Or can you survive with one or the other?

Another tip for downsizing a home is to maximize storage space. Closet organizers are a great way to store a lot of “stuff” in a small closet. Using a professional closet organizing company may be a good idea.

Using wall-mounted shelves can also be a good alternative to bookcases. They can be placed where you want them, open up floor space and make your room seem less cluttered.

When you downsize, it is an excellent opportunity to consolidate, get rid of and donate seldom used items.  During the process ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this item?” Was it in the last year? Can I live without it? Could someone else benefit from me donating this item?

Reinventing this room.

If you are unsure of how to reinvent your existing furniture in your new home speak to a trained redesigner to help you.  They will visit both your existing home and new home and help you make the best design and cost effective decisions for your new space and life style.