Home Staging WILL Sell Your Home!

In today’s real estate market painting walls beige and clearing out closets is just not enough to make your home stand out in the buyers mind at the end of a long day of viewing houses.

Research has shown professionally staging a home for sale actually aids in selling it. When rooms are designed properly with furniture placed to focus on the architectural features of the home, when art work is strategically placed to enhance the furnishings/wall color and when accessories are added to create pop and excitement, a room will speak to your prospective buyer!  Not only will she fall in love with your home but it will help eliminate the stress of where her furniture will go.

  • Did you ever wonder why more homes of a model home are sold in a development than any other models?  People need visuals to see and copy.
  • Have you ever heard someone say “I put the couch here because this is where the previous owner had it?” Or “Our couch is here because the model had the couch here.” People need visuals to see and copy.

Properly staging a home is the greatest marketing tool and advertisement you can use when selling your home. Staging if done properly will put a home’s best foot forward and create the look and dreams a prospective buyer is looking for.  The reality is a woman will pick out the home and the man will pay for it.  The bottom line:  If your home looks good, feels good, smells good….she will buy it.

Click here to take a virtual tour of a beautiful home staged by Redesign Right, LLC
Click here to take a virtual tour of a beautiful home staged by Redesign Right, LLC

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Top 6 Reasons to Stage Your Home For Sale

Professionally Staged Bedroom
Professionally Staged Bedroom
  1. A good first impression sets the stage and brings the sale to your home”
  2. Most buyers decide in the first 15 seconds if a house fits their lifestyle and dreams.  It is all about the buyer!    The goal of staging is to have the buyer fall in love with your home and the lifestyle she dreams about.
  3. Every time a prospective buyer thinks a home needs a physical change, they automatically deduct $10,000 off the asking price!
  4. Many homes are on the market today and you need to set your house apart. Create an edge and be the home the buyer remembers at the end of the day!  It does not matter if you pay for the heating bill for 1 year or offer a new car in the driveway.  If your home does not look good it will not sell no matter what your incentive is.
  5. Staging emphasizes the best qualities and architectural strengths of your home and it will appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers.  Placing furniture properly in a home helps the buyer envision where their furniture will go.
  6. Research shows staging will sell your home faster and make you more money!

Redesign Right, LLC specializes in Real Estate home staging in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and is here to help YOU sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Summer Decorating Tips

Summer Decorating

Decorating in the summer is all about the heat. In this warmest of seasons it’s important to control the temperature in your spaces, opting for cool accessories, and functional items which will help to naturally reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted into your home. While of course you can bathe the space in frigid air conditioning, that’s not healthy, cost effective, or environmentally sound. The alternative is to use clever home decorating to naturally maintain cool and relaxing environments in your home.

The first thing you should do is remove and warm or fuzzy accessories within the space. Change couch and cushion covers to reflect soft, cool cotton or smooth silk facades. Thick throws and blankets should be exchanged for softer, lighter pieces, or removed from the space completely. Fuzzy rugs can also be removed and, if necessary, replaced with bamboo or thatch throw pieces.

Sunlight is another factor you should consider when decorating for the summer. Gauzy thin curtains that generally let in plenty of sunlight should be replaced or supplemented with heavier shades which will stop the brunt of light from getting in. If too much sun shines through closed windows, it can get trapped in the house, causing a greenhouse effect.

Another summer decorating trick is to try to lower, or eliminate lights whenever possible.
A nice dark atmosphere tends to feel a few degrees lower, while brighter spaces can actually feel perceptibly warmer than they actually are. Brighter light bulbs also tend to give off a small, but constant amount of heat, which will have an effect on the overall temp of the space.

Summer decorating is about accommodating and controlling the heat in your home. Through control of light, air and texture, it should be possible to create a space which is comfortable and invigorating through even the warmest of the dog days of summer.

Visit our website for more information on a professional decorator can help you turn your home into a summer decorating delight.