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Create a Healthy and Restful Home:  Furniture

by Debbie Correale
Vintage Wellness Modern Design

Last week I introduced my new Create a Healthy and Restful Home series, and this week the topic is furniture. Whether you are working with furniture you own or thinking of adding new items, how can a sense of rest, wellness, and beauty be added?

Less is more! If you have too much furniture or everything is shoved against the walls, you can feel cluttered and enclosed. Remove all the small pieces in a room and create conversation areas. Give pieces breathing room and create a cozy and functional space. To move large or heavy furniture, follow these tips.

If it is a wood piece, and you are unhappy with the color, think about staining or painting it a new color. Consider using the piece in another room in your house, or if the item is in good shape, donate it to your local Goodwill or Habitat Restore location or sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

Tips on Adding or Removing Furniture

When purchasing new furniture, create a healthy and peaceful home by ensuring that the items do not emit toxic chemicals. According to EWG:

  • Check that no added flame retardant or stain-guard chemicals are added.
  • Look for natural latex or low-VOC certified foam, and
  • FSC-certified wood frames. 

Many online sites offer information on how they source their products; for example, Pottery Barn provides a section on ‘Sustainability.’ Wayfair has a filter when you search for furniture to ‘Shop Sustainably,’ view the explanation of their icons.

When buying upholstered furniture, you will see child and pet-friendly fabrics, which generally means a tightly woven fabric that prevents snagging. Read the fine print and the labels to check on materials used in producing the furniture. If you are shopping in-store, ask for the certification on how items were sourced. For some eco-friendly furniture sources, check out this online list.

When adding wood pieces, consider using old pieces in new ways. Check out antique sellers in your area or use Facebook Marketplace. Take your time with your selection and pick the right thing. By purposefully placing items, you create a peaceful and uncluttered feeling by letting the furniture breathe or have space in a room. As you will be shopping with intention, taking your time, you may save money in the long run as you won’t make rash decisions to “fill” a space only to replace it in a year or two.

Next week, I will focus on adding a calm and restful feeling to your walls; stay tuned!

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn. Feature photo licensed from Shutterstock.

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