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Kitchen remodel: Extras

In researching my Kitchen Remodel Series of decorating articles, I came across many interesting things to think about when remodeling a kitchen and decided to include them in this last post of the series.

Things to think about as you plan your kitchen remodel:

  • Position your power outlets where you need them.
  • If you have outlets in your backsplash area, try to blend with the backsplash color or use the same material to create visual continuity.
  • Add light where you need it! Add under the cabinet lighting, in-cabinet lighting, and in-pantry lighting. Click here for an article on choosing the right light.
  • Consider covering your dishwasher, which generally sits next to the primary sink in the kitchen, with the same cabinetry material to blend with your kitchen cabinets.
  • Have a storage solution for your pots, pans, and lids.
  • Make sure you have a large enough island and workspace for the way you use your kitchen now and into the future.

Kitchen Hardware:

Currently the trend, as with jewelry, is to mix types of metals. In other words, don’t feel limited to using one metal. There is a world of variety when it comes to kitchen hardware, and the cost can add up. Click here to view cabinet knob options from Houzz. Also, review this article on where to place your kitchen cabinetry hardware.

Health and Wellness kitchen remodeling tips:

  • Cabinets – If replacing your cabinets, choose one that is formaldehyde free and has a low or zero VOC finish. If you are painting existing cabinets, check with your painter about the type of paint used or talk to a specialist at your local paint store to learn more.
  • Flooring – Choose an FSC Certified wood, reclaimed wood or linoleum.
  • Motion sensor kitchen faucet – Click here, for a faucet review guide. To understand how these faucets work, click here.

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen remodeling series and can incorporate tips and ideas learned. If you need help pulling a project together, choosing colors and ensuring that your elements work together, give me a call 610-955-8202 or email for a consultation.

By Debbie Correale, Redesign Right, LLC. Connect on Facebook: Redesignright, Instagram: Redesignright, Houzz, Pinterest. Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay.

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