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Things to Do this December and January

by Debbie Correale

Do you have friends or family visiting over the upcoming holidays? I always like to come up with some activities to help keep everyone busy and happy. I did a post before Thanksgiving that included things to do in the Philadelphia area including holiday shopping, etc. that are ongoing now, click here to see that article. To help you create your activity calendar, I’ve summarized options that you can plan:

Live entertainment – dance, theater, music:

Light shows:

Activities geared for kids (of all ages):

I always like to have some down-time activities planned. Perhaps a few favorite holiday movies or crafts on hand for the kids. Depending on the age will determine how complicated you want to get. Your neighborhood craft store will offer many holiday kit crafts for you to choose from based on the kids involved.

Craft ideas:

Have fun planning, filling your days with good times and laughter!

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