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5 Interior Decorating Trends for 2019

by Debbie Correale
Decorating Trends 2019

As we head into 2019, I wanted to share some of the interior decorating trends you will see in 2019. Today, I am sharing five of these trends, and you can look forward to more as I do articles on bath and kitchen trends separately. Let’s dive in:

1. Acrylic furniture.

Acrylic items offer architectural structure that you may need; such as a chair, a side or coffee table, without adding weight to the room. It’s also a fantastic way to mix styles and keep the function.

2. Mix your metals.

It’s OK to mix your metals try with two to three different ones. You will not see as much polished brass going into 2019, also rose gold and shiny copper will be phased out. Mixing metals will be big in kitchen and bath renovations moving into 2019.

3. Light colored floors.

Homeowners are looking for a lighter and airy feel to their home, and light-colored flooring is making a comeback. For example, a light oak floor reflects more light and works in any style home.

4. Warm beige and taupe neutrals.

Cool-colored grays are out, and designers are reaching for warm beige’s. This bedroom is an example incorporating a warm beige paint color and the 2019 Pantone color of the year Living Coral (16-1546) in a pop of color, which in my opinion, is the best way to use the color!

5. Floral patterns.

You will see more large-scale floral patterns used in wallpaper in room remodeling and chintz used on furnishings.

It’s always fun to review the upcoming trends, some we like some we may not. The important thing to remember is that you should surround yourself with what you love. When you walk into your home, you want to feel comfortable, and happy with your surroundings.

If you are struggling with ways to incorporate an element into your home and keep it up-to-date or trying to pick the perfect paint color Redesign Right, LLCand stay within a budget, give me a call 610.955.8202 or email, I can help you with your decorating dilemma!

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, Google+ and Instagram. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

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