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Are you selling your home this year?

by Debbie Correale
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The start of the best time to sell your home is after the Super Bowl and springtime historically has been an excellent time to put your house on the market. I recently read an article on Zillow that pulled together country-wide statistics, though this varies by area, for home selling that said:

Listing a home toward the end of spring significantly increases a seller’s chances of selling their home faster and for more money, according to a new analysis from Zillow. Nationally, homes listed from May 1 through May 15, sell around nine days faster and for nearly 1 percent more than the average listing. In 20 of the 25 largest metro areas, the best month to list is late spring, in either April or May.

Who’s buying and What’s Important to them?


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First, be aware that millennials (18-34) make up 42% of today’s home buyers. That being said, what are they looking for and what can you do to your home to make them want to buy it.

Millennials want a ready-to-move-in house with updated kitchens and bathrooms. Because of this most of them prefer a new house as they do not want to deal with maintenance; therefore, if you have an older home, listing your updated items is essential.

As the majority of home buying by millennials is done online, it is crucial that your home be ready for professional photographing and that the online presence details all of your upgrades.

An article posted in Business Insider detailed the results of a survey done in late 2016 of 1000 people and these were the top 6 areas that are important to millennials:

  • 75% New Appliances
  • 64% Large Master Bedroom
  • 54% 2-Car Garage
  • 47% Solar Panels / Energy Storage
  • 46% Luxury Kitchen
  • 45% Solid Hardwood / Stone Flooring

How to get your Home ready to Sell

As a professional home stager and home decorator running a successful business in the Philadelphia Metro area, I have first-hand knowledge of the neighborhoods in the surrounding counties and understand what appeals to buyers in this area. This area knowledge is critical to your home selling success as I know how to stage your home for the potential buyer. I understand that this transition time can be stressful and emotional and Redesign Right offers the home staging support that the homeowner needs to sell their home for top dollar. Start with these four steps:

  1. Remove clutter, piles, eye noise. Keep in mind, if every inch of wall space in your house is covered with something, your home will appear dark and small.
  2. Your home should be immaculately cleaned! When a potential buyer walks into your home, it should smell fresh and clean. I would not recommend adding any strongly perfumed candles or sprays, keep in mind, what appeals to you may turn someone else off.
  3. Keep the décor simple. Create the lifestyle of your prospective buyer. Your decorating items need to keep the eye moving, eliciting pleasant feelings. House buying is emotional; people need to “feel” as though this could be their new home!
  4. Don’t forget the outside of your house! Click here to view my 12 Item Checklist for Outdoor Staging.

If you need help with your home staging needs, Redesign Right is Redesign Right, LLChere to help create the perfect lifestyle appeal to attract a buyer for your home! Call 610.955.8202 or email to set up your consultation.

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram. Feature photo purchased from iStockphoto.

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