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End of Summer Outdoor Party Tips

by Debbie Correale

Grilling at summer weekendAs we head into the last week of August, I know that everyone is getting ready for the kids to get back to school and changing from summer to fall routines. In this spirit I know I’m trying to take advantage of all of the fabulous options that summer has to offer. Are you considering throwing an outdoor end-of-summer party? If so, hop on over to my fabulous posts for some tips:  5 Tips for Dining Outdoors and 5 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Party.

Depending on if you are planning to have adults only, or a family party will depend on how you handle the seating, table settings, etc. However, you don’t have to give up style! For some beautiful inspiration, click here to view some outdoor dining ideas from House Beautiful. Though some of them may seem extravagant or too complicated, take a few ideas and incorporate them into your party! Personally, I love the color combination of crisp navy with a white setting and pops of summer flowers. I like adding large blue bottles of Saratoga Spring Sparkling Water that is a beautiful deep blue at intervals on the table. Combine that with clear crystal votives and vases, cuttings from your garden or grocery store purchased flowers and it’s very easy to create a lovely table. If blue isn’t your color, consider using green, adding large bottles of Pellegrino Sparkling Water goes with any summer combination since it is a color of nature!

I always struggle with how much food to get and always overestimate. If you are planning an outdoor barbecue, click here for a food calculator from the Food Network. Keep in mind that food should not be exposed to the direct sun so you will want to place under a canopy or simply don’t bring it out until it is service time. Keep food cool by putting ice on the bottom of a deep tray then place another tray on top of that tray, allowing the cold to chill the food and keep the melting ice water away. Be sure to cover your food with a clean cloth, plastic wrap, or food “tent” until you are ready to serve.

Enjoy this last week of August and I hope all of your end of summer get togethers are fabulous!

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