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Getting Your Deck or Patio Ready For Summer Fun

by Debbie Correale

Home ExteriorsIt’s that time of year where we bring out our patio furniture and accessories and decide what we need to clean, pitch or replace.  Spring is a good time to take a look at your grill cover or furniture covers, if they are completely falling apart it may be time to replace.  Click here for some options.

Checklist for your deck or patio:

  • If you have a wood deck, take a look at it and decide if it needs to be cleaned?  I found a great article that you may wish to review if you plan to clean your deck, especially if you want to use a power washer, click here to read.  For ideas on finishes for your deck click here for tips from Better Homes & Garden.
  • How is your patio furniture looking?  Is it in need of a good cleaning, repair, or perhaps new cushions?  Click here for some helpful ideas on how to clean various outdoor items.
  • Pull out your pots and determine if they need to be cleaned or discarded.  If you have old terracotta pots, which can be challenging since they dry out so quickly, consider using them as decorative items in your garden to add a unique structure or planting idea.  Click here for a fantastic vertical eye-catching plant display using old terracotta pots.

Now for the fun part, how do you want to decorate?

To quickly add color and spruce up your deck or patio, consider adding throw pillows in a new color with matching lanterns.  Keep in mind, you can always change the color of a lantern, check out the many options at your local home store, choosing a paint intended for outdoor use.

Create an instant conversation area, add a throw rug for a cozy seating area.  If you don’t want to deal with real candles if you have children, there are excellent flameless choices now that you can leave outside, have timers, and are battery-operated.  Check out some of the options by clicking here.  Keep in mind that lamps and floor lamps can be used outside to add warmth and ambience to a sitting area.  To look at some options of outdoor lamps and floor lamps, click here, for an extensive collection at Home Depot.

It’s probably too early to create pots, but you can start the planning process.  I suggest creating a plan before you head out to your local nursery, so you don’t purchase too much or too little.  You will want to have a lay out in mind of the number of pots you intend to fill and the heights that you require.  If you spend the time on this now, you will have fabulous results!  Happy planning and don’t forget to pick up the necessary potting soil for that project.

redesign rightEnjoy your spring!  And remember, if you need help with any redesign or color consultation project give me a call 610.955.8202, I would be glad to help you!

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .

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