Decorating with Red and Valentines Day

With the upcoming Valentine’s holiday coming this week, I wanted to write a bit about decorating for this holiday and the color Red!  Often, once the kids have grown, and there are no little ones about, we tend to forgo decorating for this holiday.  Hopefully I can inspire you with these simple ideas for a tasteful way to decorate for this holiday and add a beautiful splash of Red to your décor.

Logo-JPEG-1The color red is one of my favorite colors!  As you can see, it is prominently displayed in my logo!  In Feng Shui, Red is a Fire Element, a color of passion and high energy.  It can be an overpowering color, but used correctly it can add the perfect pop to any room.

Here are a few ideas to add that pop that you may be looking for:


Left Photo:  Red Picture Frame from

Middle Photo:  Though they are not red, these are very elegant tasteful looking tea towels to add a touch of love to your bath or kitchen.  Love Tea towels from

Right Photo:  Red Plush Pillow from

Photo by Ariella Carver

In doing research for this article, I found this lovely heart picture by Ariella Carver that you can purchase in various sizes that can add a beautiful pop of red to any room.  Click here to find out more about this picture.  (Photo consent given by Ariella Carver.)

If you are looking for a tasteful knee wall, fireplace mantel or table decoration I love this idea from where they use alphabet mugs, spelling out LOVE and filling them with beautiful flowers.  Click here for those instructions.  (Photo consent given by Kiana Underwood of, photo by Angie Cao.)

Photo by Angie Cao
Photo by Angie Cao

If you would like to see some extravagant Valentine Décor ideas, click here to view some spectacular rooms from

It’s always lovely to see a decorated mantel, which is easy to do by adding red pillar candles or by using floral arrangements in red and pink.  So pull out that red vase and add a splash of Valentine’s Love to your home!

If you need help with choosing paint colors, setting up a comfortable décor, or any design questions, contact

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