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How will you decorate your table this Thanksgiving?

by Debbie Correale

I love Thanksgiving and the opportunity to get together with family and celebrate gratitude.  It is one of the meals that I make every year from scratch!  I use the same menu each year that my children (all grown) love, and use many of the same recipes that my mom and grandmother used.  I love the wonderful spread of food and a beautifully set table.

Let’s talk table settings.  Are you hosting a large family dinner this year?  I recently read the best idea for people who don’t have a dining table to accommodate a large group.  They recommended purchasing two 6’ folding tables and placing them together, which will comfortably seat 12 people.  Go to your local rental store and rent 12 chairs, and you’re set!  For a table cloth, you can always use a king sized flat sheet!  There’s much to do before the Thanksgiving holiday, here are a few tips I would recommend:

Organize and prepare:  I’m a big list maker!  I find if I sit down and organize everything into different lists I’m organized and don’t forget things, which can be a source of stress!  I also pre-measure all the dry ingredients for my breads and pies in Ziploc baggies a week before.  This saves a great deal of time when baking day arrives!

Keep It Simple:  Create an interesting center piece for your table, but keep it simple.  Keep your centerpieces low so guests can talk to each other without looking through the arrangement.  Use votives and vases that you have, mix and match but use all the same flower color selection.  Mix in fall nuts, fruits and vegetables and you will instantly make a beautiful centerpiece.  Be sure to include candlelight – there is nothing more appealing than a table lit with the soft glow of candles!  If you are unsure how to set the table, click here to get the scoop from Emily Post!

oliver-thanksgiving-2012Remember the purpose of the holiday:  It’s a special time of year when you have an opportunity to sit with your family, express gratitude, and relax.

Enjoy your holiday preparation and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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