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Decorating for Baby – The Royal Way

by Debbie Correale

Have you gotten caught up in the fervor of all things royal?  Tracking the birth of the Royal Baby has been exciting and truly, they are the cutest couple!  And didn’t you love the way they announced the royal birth!

Apparently, Kate has selected a neutral color scheme for her nursery of brown, beige and green.  She was also spotted shopping at Blue Almonds in London, purchasing a lovely Moses Basket.

The Red Book Agency commissioned two designers to come up with two layouts of how they thought the royal nursery could be decorated based on the room size of the nursery in Kensington Palace.  The two interior designers who created the nursery designs were Guy Goodfellow and Christopher Prain.

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I can’t wait to see the photos of the royal nursery; I’m wondering if it will have a rocking horse inherited from either Prince William or Harry?

As a side note, if you’re looking for a fabulous baby gift for a little prince or princess, check out these pacifiers from Zazzle.com!

Pip Pip and Cheerio!

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