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Decorating ideas and trends for the Bedroom and Bathroom

by Debbie Correale


Your bedroom should have a relaxing, calming effect on you.  It should be designed for your life style.  This article from SoundBuiltHomes.com is great if you are looking at different color combinations for painting your bedroom, click here to view.  According to diyhomedesignideas.com, “The color trends include mixing earthy tones with shades of blues and green.”  They also suggested “pairing [earth tones with] bold colors such as bright blue with violet, pink, or lime.  These can be used as accent colors in furniture, bedding, or decorations with a simple wall background color.”

If you are looking to create more storage in your bedroom, you can use the space under your bed.  If you have a bed skirt, you can use storage containers from retail stores or online at ContainerStore.com.  However, if you do not use a bed skirt and wish to have something nicer looking you can make your own storage.  Here’s a great idea from Martha Stewart, to create a ‘Closet on Wheels’, click here to view those instructions.  To reduce clutter on bedroom surfaces, Organizer, Anna Sicalides of AnnaOrganizesU.com, recommends this idea, “Instead of adding more picture frames, why not replace an older photo with a new one.”  By following this tip, you can add change without adding more things!


The theme of trends in bathroom design for 2013 is slick, natural and eco-green.  Overall, you need an environment that is functional and beautiful.  To help organize and de-clutter, I found this great idea from Better Homes & Garden to create personalized bath storage.  If you have multiple family members sharing one bathroom, it will help to eliminate confusion and keep potential messes to a minimum.  I found a fun article from OrganizedHome.com that describes the ABCs of storage and gives a detailed summary guide to help you with your bathroom organization, click here to read that article.  If you need to create storage in your bathroom, but you don’t have much room try this idea from HGTV.com.  Stack wicker baskets on top of each other and store necessary bathroom items in them.

This is a great tip to help you with your linen closet from organizer, Kathy Luskus, of OrderlyManorOrganizing.com, “When organizing your linen closet, keep in mind that each bed needs just three sets of sheets – one on the bed, one in the laundry and one in the linen closet.  Keep your best and donate the rest.”  If you struggle with how to fold your fitted sheets to ensure they fit in your linen closet, click here for step-by-step instructions.

Have fun this spring with your bedroom or bath redesign!  If you need help, contact mailto://debbie@redesignright.com!

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