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Time to Downsize!

by Debbie Correale

Downsizing can seem like a daunting proposition – but if you break it down into “bite size” pieces you’ll find you can get through it!

First you need to come up with 4 areas in your home.  You need an area or boxes to:

Keep – Donate – Re-gift – Throw

A good rule of thumb is if you have not used it in 6 months (or even a year) there is a good chance you will never use it.  As you go through each area remember it will cost to move it.   Also when you unpack you will have to find a home for everything you decide to keep!

Here are a few tips to keep you focused:

  1. Try to stay emotionally detached from your “piles” as if they belonged to someone else.
  2. Keep only the things that you can realistically useor store in a small space.
    • Appliances:  If you haven’t used that bread maker, Cuisinart blender or smoothie maker in the last year…it’s time to get rid of it!
    • Clothes:  If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it’s time for it to go.  Even if you can still fit into it, styles change and you will look “dated”.
    • Your children’s stuff:  If your children have long gone to college and are in their own places they should be responsible for all of their stuff!  If you have collected a lot of holiday items for decorations – now is the time to give that away to your children – so they can share with their children.
  3. Plan to sell or give away.  If you don’t have the time or don’t want to figure out EBay, you can find a trading assistant to handle this for you, click here to read more.

Although it is hard to part, you need to keep your emotions at the door of each room.  As you are going through your home remember there are so many charitable companies that would love to have your discarded items (assuming they are in good working shape).  If you don’t have local women’s shelter or church give your items to the Salvation Army and Purple Heart.   Both of these agencies will actually come to your home and pick items up!  You should check with them for the rules of what they will and will not take.

If you have large furniture, keep in mind that you can sell this to put toward the purchase of new and updated furniture for your smaller space.  EBay and Craig’s List are great ways to do this!

If you need help in deciding what will go to your new home we will be glad to visit both sights (new and old) and help you decide specifically what will fit into the new home.

Contact us at debbie@redesignright.com or 610.955.8202.

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