pick a paint color

Need a summer time refresher? Try a new paint color.

Are there rooms in your home that are tired and need refreshing but you don’t have the time or money to spend on major changes?

One easy fix is to paint the room. There are many online tools now to help you pick out a paint color. House Beautiful has a great tool by room, click here to give it a try.

Another great paint selector tool is located on the Benjamin Moore website, click here to try it out!

Once you choose your color the big decision then becomes what finish to use.
The difference between Satin paint and Eggshell – in case you don’t know:

“Satin paint gives a very warm sheen to any wall which is painted with it. It is somewhere between a glossy and silk finish. When you paint using satin, it produces a layer of paint which can easily be removed in the future. However, one of the less useful sides of painting with satin paint is that it has a surface which is very easy to ruin and if washed consistently, it will begin to wash away from the wall. Because of this, it should not be scrubbed at all.”

“Eggshell paint is very hard-wearing and is almost explained by its name. An egg has a shell which acts as a protective coating to an unborn chicken. Eggshell paint behaves in a very similar way in that it will not wash off walls easily. You can scrub it and it will not deteriorate. However, like with Satin paint, the down side of eggshell is that it will absorb stains and they can become extremely hard to remove.”  (Quoted from www.doityourself.com.)

Keep in mind that the more shine paint has the more surface imperfections will show.  “When you just want a room to be “warm white,” meaning not too yellow or too peachy or too anything else, then go with Benjamin Moore Ivory White (925)” says Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Bierman of Southern Living Magazine.

If picking a paint color overwhelms you, contact us at Redesign Right to help you choose the perfect paint palette for your home.  We carry over 10,000 possible paint choices!

Happy Painting!

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