Bathroom Renovation or Decorating Redesign?

If you purchased your home 20 years ago there is probably a bathroom in your house that is in need of a complete makeover!  Depending on your budget and how much time you want to invest in this will help determine the project.  Click here to read a great article on understanding your renovation budget from HGTV.  The next step is to create a drawing of your plan.  You will need to draw the exact measurements of your bathroom and the placement of items. You can save a substantial amount of money if you can keep the basic layout of the bathroom and not move the fixtures around.  Once you determine the layout and a realistic direction you want to go in, you will next need to decide on your budget.  Who will do what in your project?  Are you handy?  Or will you need to hire a contractor to complete the project?  For a great article on choosing a contractor, click here.

If you are unsure what direction you would like to go in, get some inspiration by looking through magazines, check out websites such as or that display an array of decorating ideas.  Click here to view bathroom style ideas from Better Homes & Garden.

Once you have decided on your budget, come up with a plan and style you’re looking for, check out or to help you find fixtures, vanities, and other bathroom necessities at a reduced price.  In terms of flooring, click here to read about the different types of flooring and advantages and disadvantages to them.

If you’re just looking for a quick weekend change.

Pick out a new paint color; be sure to select a paint that can handle the moisture in the bathroom.  Each paint line will offer one that is designed for baths, be sure to ask the sales associate for help!

Remove clutter from the counter.  Throw away old cleaners, makeup, etc.  All items should be stored in accessible bins (by task) in a cabinet or shelves.  If you don’t have a place for everything, your bathroom will remain cluttered looking.  Click here for a great article on keeping your bathroom clutter free and clean.

Change the mirror!  If you have a simple builder’s mirror, consider adding a frame to match the style of your new look.

Change the Shower Curtain, Towels or accessories – Many home good stores have wonderful ideas and color selections from Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, and Target.

Consider changing the lighting!  Add something unexpected such as a chandelier!   Also, if you are redoing a guest bathroom consider a lovely nightlight to help your guests find their way in the night!

Just remember decorating or remodeling should be fun! Get your family involved, add some whimsy and enjoy the fabulous end result!

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Decorate my Garage?

Absolutely!  How many times do you leave your garage door open and give your neighbors a window into how you live?  Your garage should be as organized and good looking as the rest of your home! One of the biggest problems with garages is that they become the catch all for all our stuff we don’t want in the house!   However, with the proper planning you don’t have to eliminate all that you own, you just need to plan and rethink how to organize it.

The first step to any reorganization/design is to empty out the garage entirely.  Yes, a great deal of work but an empty garage gives you a clean palette in which to work and map out where all the stuff will go.  Set up sections in your garage with specific functions in mind.  Such as a gardening, sports, car, beach and kitchen overflow section. Set your areas up so that the items are easy to get to. Knowing where your turkey fryer is will save you time when you need it!  So pick a nice fall Saturday and tackle this with the goal that you are going to finally park your car in the garage!

Don’t forget the ceiling

workbenchThe ceiling of your garage holds much potential for hanging items such as bicycles, ladders, or luggage.  Click here for instructions on how to hang your bicycles from a ceiling.  Check out this ProStar Garage Elevator from, this very useful idea lifts items overhead without the need for a ladder!

Floor shelving, shelving hung from the ceiling or cabinets may be used to store all your items.  If you have tools lying all over the place, create or purchase a workbench.  Home stores offer a variety of options.  The goal is to keep stuff from accumulating on the floor of the garage.

sports ballsAh…Sports Equipment!

Trying to keep your kids sports equipment organized seems like a tough proposition, doesn’t it?  It can be done!  Either have a bin for each child, or a bin for each sport.  There are many different types of items that can be used, such as this handy Ball Claw which holds a single soccer ball, football, or volleyball.  Rubbermaid makes a very clever ball holder.


If the idea of doing it all yourself is overwhelming you, home stores such as Lowes or Home Depot have people onsite that can help you with all of your shelving needs.  There are companies such as that will come to your house and set up a storage system for all of your needs.

ball claw
Ball Claw

Once you have an organization system in place, your whole family will love it as they will always know where to find things!  Now, go park that car in the garage!

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Are you ready to own a home staging and redesign business?

Follow your dream!

With all the training programs out there why choose Redesign Right for your interior redesign and home staging training?

There are 3 primary aspects that set Redesign Right’s Training Program apart from the rest:

1.    Hands-On Approach
The Redesign Right program offers hands-on education.  Since it’s proven that designers are kinesthetic learners they have a hard time learning in front of a computer and require rolling up their sleeves and moving furniture to truly learn the design basics.  In this program, you will work hands-on with 3 client homes to practice the classroom instruction.  Similar to the TV shows our clients leave, we do our magic and then the client returns for the big reveal! This is often the most favorite part of the class!  The actual hands on experience in homes are what make our program unique and one of only a few training programs that offer this.

2.    Complete Package
The Redesign Right training program offers a double certification in Interior Redesign AND Home staging.  Having a double certification in both studies allows you to offer  a full service redesign and home staging business to your clients.  In addition, our program produces stronger home stagers because we teach strong decorating and redesign principles as a basis of home staging.

3.    Industry Expert
Debbie Correale has been a professional and respected trainer for 3 national industry associations for over 6 years and has run a profitable redesign and home staging business for over 10 years in 2 different states.  With this real hands-on knowledge she is able to not only be an effective trainer but a strong mentor as well.  As many of her past students can attest, the class is intense, informative and Debbie is always available to them long after the class ends.

Redesign Right Course Outline:

Consultation Services
•    Psychology of the Client
•    Impact of change
•    Conducting and closing the sale

Redesign/Staging Services
•    How to have a successful full service Redesign/Staging business
•    Fool proof steps in Design/Staging process
•    The 5 “F’s” of designing
•    Time management
•    Tools and supplies of the trade
•    Safety rules
•    Analysis of Room shapes/focal points
•    Decorating principles –scale, balance, themes, texture and color
•    Color consultations
•    Hands on experience in the classroom and actual clients homes
•    Staging using designing techniques
•    Working with Realtors, Homeowners and FSBO

Business Formation, Marketing and Promotion
•    Business Start up guide
•    Naming your company and getting known
•    Perfect clients and target markets
•    Writing contracts and pricing jobs
•    Protecting your company
•    Marketing your company
•    Branding yourself
•    Press releases, Ads, Websites and Blogs
•    Niche your company
•    Augment your income – add on businesses and revenue streams

Click here to read more about the Redesign Right program. 

Email if you wish to pursue a career in interior redesign and/or home staging!  I look forward to designing with you!

Debbie CorrealeDebbie’s Bio:
Debbie Correale is an eight time award winning interior redesigner, home stager, and trainer.  She is a highly respected certified interior redesigner; home stager, colorist and training provider whose designs and training programs are recognized by many trade associations.  Debbie has been rearranging rooms all over the country!  She personally has lived in every region of the USA and has worked with all home types and styles.  She has compassion and knows what it is like to buy, sell and set up homes as she has had to experience it herself over a dozen times!

She is the FRSR professional instructor and continual mentor to all.  It is because of her love of design and helping others that lead her to teaching.  Debbie offers a FRSR Certified 5- day Interior Redesign/Home Staging Training Program near the Philadelphia, PA Area.  This program is designed for students seeking to turn their passion for design into a fun and rewarding career.  She also offers a FRSR Certified 3-day IRIS Approved Interior Redesign Training Program for those who love to design, want to learn more about decorating but are unsure if they want to make it a business.

Let’s Have a Party!

Yikes…dare I say it?  We’re counting down the weeks of summer fun.   Here at Redesign Right, though we’re a decorating redesign and home staging business, we love fabulous parties!  In honor of the last smoldering days of summer I wanted to write about something that I love – which is entertaining!  Here are a few great ideas and tips for that outdoor get together.

Putting fresh flowers on each table is a must especially if they are from your garden. Cut small sprigs of flowers and arrange them with some green cuttings from your perennials, humming bird bush, or rose of Sharon which are all in bloom now!  Remember the arrangement does not have to be big to make a statement.  Hold them together with a rubber band and place in a small container (with water).  When choosing your container, look around your home and see what interesting conversation starters you can use! How about a scooped out green apple (with water) as a “natural” vase!

When decorating your yard for a party, don’t forget to use plenty of candles and party lights!  Lighting whether inside or outside of your home is important and can create a wonderful ambience for your party.

Instead of a phone call to invite your friends over send them a fresh looking electronic invitation. offers very attractive, fun (and free) options!  Click here to see one of their cute barbeque invitations!

Food & Party Tips
When you are designing your menu for your guests remember the most important thing to keep in mind is to not be stuck in your kitchen during your party.  Your guests want to visit with you!  Choose recipes that allow you to prepare much of the prep beforehand.  Here are 2 recipes that work for me and people seem to love.

Cantaloupe Wrapped in Prosciutto
Cut a cantaloupe up into bite size pieces.
Wrap in slices of prosciutto and place a decorative toothpick through the combo, place in a single layer on a serving plate, cover, and serve chilled (keep refrigerated before serving).  I know simple but there is never one left on the plate!!

BBQ Ribs
This is my family’s favorite recipe and most of the cooking is done before the party!
Preheat oven to 250 degrees

Prepare ribs:

  • First rub each rack with your favorite rub
  • Then put 2 T of your favorite BBQ sauce on top of rub and massage sauce in

Wrap each rack individually in heavy duty foil (I use double sheets of foil)
Place each foiled wrapped rack in oven and bake for 6-7 hours or until the meat falls off the bone.  Take ribs out of oven, unwrap and let the racks firm up a bit on the counter.  Lather the ribs with more BBQ sauce and finish the ribs by cooking them on your grill for 5 minutes a side.  Serve with extra BBQ sauce and lots of napkins!!

Cheers and enjoy the rest of your summer!

For more information on how Redesign Right can help you with your summer decorating contact us at or 610.955.8202.

Decorating tips for pets (and their owners)!

How do you decorate for that prince or princess in your house?

My boyfriend Oliver enjoying his “man” chair

There are so many options for decorating and dealing with the “needs” of your pets without having to give up design or aesthetics. Here are just a few great ideas for your special family members!

denhausAre you looking for a modern twist on the dog crate? Check out this really cool option from This is designed for the very discriminating dog (and owner)!

If you have a wire crate and would like a unique way to make it “fashionable”, offers wonderful fabric crate covers and duvets. These are also great for keeping your companion warm and cozy in the winter.

Click here for a great looking crate that combines the look of wood and metal. This crate can even double as an attractive and useful end table!

And how about this for a home! Your special friend can sleep in their own tent! This lovely home is from

There are also very chic items for you cat lovers as well, this bed found on, is actually described as a “pet” bed and can be used for either cats or dogs and comes in multiple colors to blend in your home.

When it comes to our pet’s dinnerware let’s not settle on plain and simple. Check out the many options at the Posh Puppy Boutique. There are many to choose from! There are bowls for everyone’s taste. Whether you want contemporary, modern, Asian or a bowl made out of a skate board you can find it!

And let’s not forget the treat containers! Check out for a large array of treat containers for your pet. I never realized how many options there are for treats…… I guess it is time for me and Oliver to trade up from the ziplock bag!

For more unique decorating ideas from Redesign Right contact us at or 610.955.8202.

Decorating Ideas for the College Student

Don’t you love that commercial where the man is skipping through the office supply store and the music in the background is playing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” as it’s Back To School Time!  All the parents are joyfully saying, “YEAH!!!” as the kids moan and groan.  For those of you that are sending your loved bundle off to college I wanted to dedicate a blog post on decorating for the college dorm room or apartment.

For the first-time parents of soon-to-start college students here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Space is a luxury students won’t have!
  • Bring some items that are reminders of “home”.
  • Be organized!

If your college student is going to live in their first apartment here are some decorating ideas:

Pick a theme!
Since in many cases rooms will be shared it is best to communicate a taste preference with the roommates before the move in date. An overall neutral theme that anything can go with would be the safest choice and then individually personalize the spaces with accessories.  Retail stores, such as Target, allow a wonderful option to go online and create a “list” of items that can be shared with roommates for feedback.

Find your Furniture
The most expensive investment when starting in a new apartment is furniture.  Ask friends and relatives to see if they have anything that they would like to donate to you – remember you can always spruce up a couch with pillows! And remember spray paint is our friend.   Look online for sources such as Craig’s List and Ebay Local or visit your local Goodwill Store for things.  Ikea also has a whole line of furniture geared for multi-use, small space decorating that is affordable, check that out here.  For all of your bathroom and kitchen needs you may also want to check out Bed, Bath & Beyond who has added a tab to their website just for the College Student!  In fact, Bed, Bath & Beyond has kindly suggested a college dorm packing list, click here to view the list.

Do It Yourself!
Preparing a student for college can be overwhelming and very expensive that first year. Students have a vision of what they want their new home to look like and parents have the vision of dollar signs!  Having sent my last of 4 children to college I can tell you there are many cost saving ideas out there.  Websites such as Better Homes and Garden, eHow, and have great DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos and instructions for many cost saving decorating ideas.  There are also great magazines at your local bookshop, or you can jump over to where you will be overwhelmed with ideas!

Also don’t forget to pack your cherubs with a cleaning supply bucket, equipped with sponges, cleaners, wipes, etc. Through the years, I have found that the cleaning supplies were the most cost effective item we bought for school and lasted for years because they were only used by me on move in and move out day!

For more information on how Redesign Right can help you make your college bound child make their dorm feel like home contact us at 610.955.8202 or

Decorating for the bachelor…

Ok fellas – this one’s for you!  For all you bachelors looking for a redesign we have a simple 3-step redesign for you!  First of all, the first impression is a lasting impression.  When someone walks in your front door you want them to say to themselves, “Wow, this guy really has it together!”  Your living space does not have to equate to a large “man cave” it can and should be clean, simple, and memorable.

Keep it clean!
As I said, first impressions are key!  Have a place for everything – get organized!  This could be as simple as going to your local home store and purchasing decorative containers to hold your stuff.  Don’t get nervous, this can be accomplished by going to Home Depot!  If you dislike shopping, shop online!  There are great organizational stores, such as The Container Store, that sell everything and anything you might need!

Keep it Simple!
Think of the colors that you enjoy – pick a simple palette and you won’t go wrong!  Benjamin Moore has a whole line of “masculine” colors, here are a few:  Gentlemans Gray HC-168, Fort Sumner Tan 1119, Mallard Green 2053-10, Lead Gray 2131-30, Golden Retriever 2165-30, Richmond Green 553, Hodley Red HC-65.  Pick one “base” color to start with and stay within the shades of that color.  This is an easy no fail monochromatic design style.

Make it Memorable!
Always start with your largest piece of furniture in a room.  A couch, a master bed,or a desk and position it in a position of importance.  Then arrange the rest of the pieces of furniture to complement and enhance it.  Then accessorize your furniture with pillows, throws, lamps, and plants to pull the room together. Accessories in a room are important!  They eliminate the “I just moved in look.”  If you are unsure of the “look” that projects you, check out this article on some great styles. Remember your home reflects who lives there.  Start with these simple steps of keep it clean, keep in simple and make it memorable and you are on your way to decorating success.

What is old is new!

Don’t you love the look of vintage?  Who hasn’t paged through the many cool items on and thought, “I could make that!”  For those of you who can, that’s great, and for those of you who wish you could …you CAN!

spray paintThere are many ways to resurrect items!  Remember spray paint is your friend .  Anyone can paint don’t be afraid – fearlessly give it a try!  Click here and check out just one simple idea on how to change an ordinary old table into a retro piece of art!  Be create and let your imaginations go wild!  I love to spray paint and while writing this article I found this great and informative article on how to spray paint. Click here to check it out, it is fabulous!

Want to update your chairs easily?  Just replace the fabric or paint them – it’s not hard and it can make a huge difference in your room.  Whether you have chairs or bar stools here is a clever way to bring life to them again. If you have an old dining room set with fabric seats – change the fabric to a new fun color. The newest color this season is Tangerine!  What an easy way to update your tired dining room!  Click here for a step-by-step process on how to recover fabric chairs!  Since these chairs do not require a great deal of fabric you can splurge on higher end fabrics and bring your room to a whole new level!

If you want a change in your living room but can’t make any major purchases – pick up a new set of lamps at an antique store, or repurpose some lamps that you no longer like.  Keep in mind the trusty spray paint can modify anything so don’t get hung up on the color!  Purchase a nifty new lampshade at your local home store (such as Target, Home Goods, Loews, etc.) and you’re in business!

Anything can be repurposed – all you need is to look at things with fresh eyes – take on the challenge and ask yourself, “what could I do to this piece to give it a whole new look?”  Have fun!!

Time to Downsize!

Downsizing can seem like a daunting proposition – but if you break it down into “bite size” pieces you’ll find you can get through it!

First you need to come up with 4 areas in your home.  You need an area or boxes to:

Keep – Donate – Re-gift – Throw

A good rule of thumb is if you have not used it in 6 months (or even a year) there is a good chance you will never use it.  As you go through each area remember it will cost to move it.   Also when you unpack you will have to find a home for everything you decide to keep!

Here are a few tips to keep you focused:

  1. Try to stay emotionally detached from your “piles” as if they belonged to someone else.
  2. Keep only the things that you can realistically useor store in a small space.
    • Appliances:  If you haven’t used that bread maker, Cuisinart blender or smoothie maker in the last year…it’s time to get rid of it!
    • Clothes:  If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it’s time for it to go.  Even if you can still fit into it, styles change and you will look “dated”.
    • Your children’s stuff:  If your children have long gone to college and are in their own places they should be responsible for all of their stuff!  If you have collected a lot of holiday items for decorations – now is the time to give that away to your children – so they can share with their children.
  3. Plan to sell or give away.  If you don’t have the time or don’t want to figure out EBay, you can find a trading assistant to handle this for you, click here to read more.

Although it is hard to part, you need to keep your emotions at the door of each room.  As you are going through your home remember there are so many charitable companies that would love to have your discarded items (assuming they are in good working shape).  If you don’t have local women’s shelter or church give your items to the Salvation Army and Purple Heart.   Both of these agencies will actually come to your home and pick items up!  You should check with them for the rules of what they will and will not take.

If you have large furniture, keep in mind that you can sell this to put toward the purchase of new and updated furniture for your smaller space.  EBay and Craig’s List are great ways to do this!

If you need help in deciding what will go to your new home we will be glad to visit both sights (new and old) and help you decide specifically what will fit into the new home.

Contact us at or 610.955.8202.

Wishing for a seaside vacation? Bring the sea home!

Wishing you owned that cute little cape? Until that dream comes true, why not create your own version of the “dream” in your home! Create that seaside getaway by bringing the beach into your redesign this summer!

Here are some quick and inexpensive ways to achieve this!

First, choose a room where you want this “seaside” feel to reside…

Secondly, think about the beautiful blue sea, the natural colors of sand, baskets and pebbles. Think of the green colors in the ocean and palm trees. Create the palette of colors that remind you of the beach and memories from your past that bring you joy. These  colors will be the palette in which you build your room.

Thirdly, start accessorizing and having fun. The room needs to reflect YOU! What you
like and what you want to be surrounded by. Frame a picture of your favorite get away!
If you wish to create an “antiqued” look to your artwork click here for a great way to age
it using coffee! I have also found that rubbing a small amount of dark stain over the print
will quickly give it a nice “aged” look as well. (First practice on something first to make
sure you like the look!!). If you want to add a rope mirror to your design as one of your
wall hangings, I just found a fun article by Nate Berkus on how to make one yourself!

Click here if you’re feeling ambitious!

Also don’t forget to bring some real seaside elements into your design! Beautiful sea-shells, driftwood and coral are great accessories to decorate with. And you can find driftwood and sea shells on the beach which makes them a very affordable accessory! If you cannot find coral on the beach you can now purchase faux sea coral. Check these out. Right now lanterns are very popular in all styles of design. These beautiful hurricane lanterns can be a wonderful focal point on your coffee table. Add a beautiful sea color candle will top the look off! Be sure in your design to add lots of natural textures, such as a sisal rug, baskets and tall sea grass. Most importantly have fun with this – make your space special and sea worthy for you!

For more information on how Redesign Right can help you bring the sea into your home contact us at or 610.955.8202.