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Shopping fun at Homesense

I have been waiting since August 2017 to make it to the newest TJX brand store, the same corporation that brings us Marshalls and HomeGoods, Homesense. I am thrilled to say, I made it to their flagship store, located in Framingham, MA and let me tell you, it did not disappoint and was worth the trip!

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Decorate with a Rug Inside or Outside

In a home with an open floor plan where one area merges into another, a rug is a fantastic way to separate the rooms by purpose, to add comfort, and to add color. Because the rug anchors the room, you will want to purchase the right size and meet your family’s needs. To learn more about selecting the correct rug material and size, check out How to Buy the Right Rug.

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Where do all the books go?

Are you an avid reader and you don’t want to read on a tablet or an e-reader? If this is you and you love your books and want to keep them over time, this will pose a storage issue. Where do all the books go? Before we get into this topic, let’s take a fresh look at the books that you own and decide if they are worth keeping on your bookshelves.

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