Outdoor Springtime Clean Up

debbie-deck-2-500I love spring time and the prospect of what is just around the corner – summer! With summer fun in mind, I wanted to focus this week’s article on sprucing up the outside of your house. If you are planning to sell your home, or already have it on the market, you will want to review my article, “Outdoor Home Staging” that will help you get the outside staged for sale. Let’s open the windows, get some fresh air flowing and the sun in, get outside and see what we have to do to be summer ready!

Entryway Springtime Checklist:

  1. Clean your entryway of all debris.
  2. Check your porch light(s); it’s the easiest thing to change out and offer a fresh look.
  3. Paint your front door, click here for instructions on the best techniques. If your house has shutters, do they need a new coat of paint as well? Keep in mind that your front door and shutter paint color do not have to match, but they should complement each other and go with the style of your home (and observe any Homeowners’ Association rules that may apply.)
  4. Do you need new hardware on your front door? If you plan to paint your door, this is a perfect time to remove and replace any hardware.
  5. Add a spotlight to illuminate a walkway, or add a featured focal
  6. Add a new and inviting Welcome mat.
  7. Add a lovely spring wreath to your front door. Click here for some beautiful ones from Terrain in Glen Mills, PA.

Backyard Springtime Checklist:

  1. Let’s move to the backyard and porch or deck area of your home. Again, you will want to clean everything, and the first thing to decide is if you have wood decking does it need to be re-sealed? If you plan to tackle this job yourself, click here to read some instructions on the best way to stain your deck by Sherwin-Williams. Once you have surveyed your entertaining area, let’s talk about some decorating ideas and get planning.
  2. Whenever I do a redesign, I review the “conversation ” Where will people be sitting and talking? Add an outdoor area rug to tie furniture together. For outdoor area rug ideas, click on the retailer names: Target, Ballard Designs, or Home Decorators.
  3. Clean your outdoor furniture and decide if it is in need of paint so it is entertainment ready. My decorating article, “Prepare Outdoor Furniture for Spring” offers tips on the best way to spruce up outdoor furniture.
  4. Plan out your plant containers and decide how many plants you will need to fill your pots. I have found that we are not safe here in the Northeast to put out annuals and fill containers until after Mother’s Day (May 8th). I can’t tell you how many plants I’ve lost due to planting too early and a frost! Now is a good time to look at your pots and see if they need fresh paint before planting. If you are interested in creating custom concrete containers, click here for a DIY project. Check out some of these fun container ideas from Overstock. Now is a great time to shop for garden items such as stools, that can be used to add height to a container arrangement. Click here for some ideas from Target.
  5. After checking your patio furniture, how about the fabric? This time of year offers many options for replacing your cushions and pillows, if you have shopped for them, you will find that they are not inexpensive to replace. Another idea would be to create new covers for your old pillows and use them as the insert. Go to your local fabric store, such as Joann Fabrics and purchase outdoor fabric that will run on average $30 a yard. You can always find a coupon online or in your local newspaper for Joann Fabrics, which can offer a 40-50% discount which is a significant saving. Or you could create custom coverings! Use a durable cotton fabric and a beautiful stencil and create your custom look! If you have any acrylic paint left over from prior projects, click here to learn how you can use that paint for this fabric stenciling project. Rustoleum offers a product, NeverWet, that allows you to treat your fabric so that it repels water if you plan to keep your pillows outdoors.

Redesign RightIf you need assistance with a home redesign or color consultation or planning to sell your home and need home staging help, give Debbie a call 610.955.8202. If you love all things related to home decorating and want to pursue a career in Interior Redesign and Home Staging, sign up for one of my upcoming classes and make your dream a realization!

By Debbie Correale, founder and owner of Redesign Right, LLC. You can learn more about her at www.RedesignRight.com. Find her on Facebook.com/RedesignRight, Twitter @RedesignRight, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and .

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