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One of my favorite places in the world is Aruba!  I love the beautiful beaches, white sands, and the warmth and peace that I feel when I’m vacationing there.  With Aruba in mind, I wanted to write about a way of decorating that might inspire you to do the same.  In terms of décor, if someone said, “Aruba theme” you would think – beach theme…which is not necessarily what that has to show.  I love the colors of Aruba!  (Photo of

blog-august-aruba-blueAruba Blue is such a fabulous color, and unique to Aruba that Benjamin Moore has named it a paint color.  Beautiful!

How can you use this color palette as a pop in a room?

blog-august-pier-1-roomPier 1 refers to this color scheme as “Peacock Blue” – you will see in this photo from a variety of blues used in various ways to add a pop of color in the floor covering, glass accessories, or pillows.  You can turn a neutral room into a lovely hue of Aruba!

I love this idea of painting the background of your book shelf or cabinet with different colors.  (Photo by

If you were thinking that this color scheme was not masculine, or cannot be used in a study, or bachelor pad…think again!  Check out this classic sports car, Bugatti Royale Coup from the 1930s, the sleek glossy black with the blue is beautiful!  This classic combination can be incorporated into any room!

You can incorporate the lovely colors of Aruba in many ways; such as, a light fixture, place settings, rug, or outdoor pot or container color!

(Photos for ideas:  Light Fixture:, Place Setting Idea from, Rug from, Outdoor planter idea from

blog-august-aruba-debbieThe next time you want to make a quick change, incorporate something into your décor that you love or inspires you!  Sand between my toes and a gentle salty breeze…awwww, to be back in Aruba!

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