Kitchen Trends for 2013

Spring is right around the corner you can hear it in the morning birds!  March is such a great month on the east coast as it’s a time when you know winter is over, but there is still a tease of winter from time-to-time.  This March I want to dedicate my blogs to areas of your home that you want to refresh, redesign, incorporate new trends and make some changes.

For this first post, I want to focus on the kitchen area of your home.  Let’s get started by organizing and removing clutter – which is the first step in any redesign.  To get those creative juices going click here to view ideas from on 10 Ideas to Squeeze in More Kitchen Storage.  The trends are such that we use our kitchen space as a place to cook, play, work, do crafts, do homework, and eat meals.  Accommodating all of these needs can be overwhelming and too often piles grow.  To try to eliminate the piles, click here to read about the ideas from to create a Family Command Center.  For ideas on organizing your pantry, Better Homes & Garden ( has the best ideas, click here to review.

Organizing Consultant, Anna Sicalides of has a great tip on kitchen organizing:  “Go through your cabinet with food storage containers, take them out and match the tops and bottoms.  Toss all of the ones that don’t match up.  Check the dishwasher before you throw any out.”

Kitchen Trends for 2013

Here are a few of the kitchen trends for 2013 that I wanted to highlight for you as reported by

  • Moving toward modern – the design for 2013 is simplified; big open spaces created for gathering.
  • Hideaway Appliances – the trend is to create more counter space and keep appliances installed in kitchen islands, under the counter, or stored.
  • All-Over Lighting – You will see the terms LED and ambient lighting a lot in 2013!
  • Eco-Friendly Everything – If you are looking to replace kitchen flooring, this is a must-read article on how to choose and understand FSC certified products, click here.
  • Decorative Range Hoods – There are many new options available for a range hood that can be beautiful and practical! Click here to view some beautiful ideas.

“Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order.”  ~ Victor Papanek, Designer

To help you add order to your kitchen redesign, contact!

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